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Writing with a pencil favors brain development, so much so that it's often compared with the benefits of physical activity for the brain. It's also an important instrument to increase cognitive and social skills. Keep reading this post and discover how to help children in the process of learning to write by hand and how to encourage them to practice in a digital era.

Learn by Writing

Several cognitive abilities are being stimulated when writing by hand, such as the capacity to focus and both selective and visual attention in particular.

Improve Memory

Note-takers retain more information than those who just listen during class. It happens because humans have a greater understanding while writing. Some concepts are repeated while taking notes to influence theoretical memory,  thought and reasoning.

How to Strengthen Handwriting

If it's not strengthened, opportunities are lost to develop essential motor and cognitive skills that need to be taught during childhood. Doing them in time will favor them in the short and long term, so they could start preparing the brain by taking notes, writing small stories, and journaling. There are no right or wrong attempts. Writing is already a big step. Some children feel very shy in front of their texts, but they must be encouraged and invited to combine them with drawings or other elements to feel more at ease.

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