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Students who will soon be taking the SAT can use their summer break to start preparing. Help your child get to know the test better with this information.

Get to Know the SAT Components

For the majority of high schoolers whose plans include college, the SAT is a must. Since the majority of universities in the United States include the SAT in their entrance requirements, there really is no escaping it. With that said, the SAT isn't something your child should fear. Getting a great score just takes some preparation, including getting to know the SAT components and doing some studying. To help your child get to know the test, check out the following information.

What Does the SAT Test?

A concern many students have is what will be included in the SAT or what they will be tested on. In general, the SAT is used to measure a students readiness for college-level lessons and schoolwork. It is a way to gauge a student's potential for future success, so your student may actually come across things they never learned in school while taking the test. The test is a standardized test with the majority of the questions being multiple choice. A math portion includes some grid-in answers and there is also an optional essay portion. Juniors and seniors in high school should be preparing for the test and taking it so that they can complete their college applications. Keep in mind that students can take the test more than once and only their highest score will be considered.

How Does the SAT Work?

The SAT is constantly evolving, so parents who took it years ago may need to brush up on the new SAT before giving advice. Currently, the test is graded on a scale from 400 points to 1600 points. These points are based on how many questions a student gets correct. Another change the SAT has introduced is that students no longer get penalized for wrong answers. This means students should answer all of the questions whether they know the answer or have no idea. Overall, the test takes about three hours to complete, so it's a good idea for your child to take a snack and some water with them on their test day. The SAT includes 4 sections: math, reading, writing and language, and the optional essay portion. Students will need to have a photo ID, their printed admission ticket, at least two #2 pencils, an eraser, and an approved calculator on their test day. Help your child prepare for the SAT with the help of tutoring in Torrance, CAThe Tutoring Center, Torrance CA offers a great SAT program your child can benefit from. To learn more about it, contact them at (310)530-5377.

The Different Sections Included in the SAT

As mentioned above, the SAT is divided into different sections that test your child's understanding of different subjects. Below is more information about what these sections focus on: Math: The math sections of the SAT will include math problems that involve Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and some Trigonometry. These portions of the exam are meant to test your child's problem-solving skills, data analysis abilities, and reasoning. Your child will be allowed to use a calculator for one math portion but will not be allowed a calculator for the other portion. It's a great idea for your child to memorize important math formulas they may need. Reading: The reading portions of the exam will include passages that your child will have to read in order to answer the corresponding questions. The passages will cover different subjects, but your child doesn't need any prior knowledge of these subjects to successfully answer the questions. What will be put to the test are their critical thinking skills, their ability to analyze information in a text, how well they pick up on context clues, and how they use the information in a text to reach a conclusion. This means they will have to identify data in a text and interpret it. Writing and language: The writing and language sections will also include passages that your child will have to read in order to understand the questions. However, this section will focus on testing your child's skills when it comes to writing conventions. They will be asked how a sentence or paragraph may be improved grammatically or in style. In these portions, having a wide vocabulary can really help. Essay: Finally, the essay portion is optional but many universities do include it in their entrance requirements. If your child must take it, have them practice writing essays in the allotted time of 50 minutes. For this portion, your child will be presented with a short passage that they will have to read and analyze in order to build their essay. The focus of their essay will be on analyzing how the writer of the passage built their argument while pulling evidence from the text to support their main ideas.

SAT Tutoring in Torrance, CA

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