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Study Tips to Help You Prepare for Exams

If you have important exams coming up, use these study tips to help you be fully prepared.

Create Daily Study Time

The best way to do well on an exam is by actually learning the information and not just memorizing it. To accomplish this, spread out your studying over a longer period of time instead of simply cramming the night before the exam. If you know the date of the exam, create a study plan that will allow you to set aside at least an hour for studying every day. Spacing out your studying will allow you to learn the information without feeling rushed, making the test less stressful.

Avoid Distractions

All students can get distracted while studying, what differs between each student is what they're distracted by. While some students are easily distracted by their phone, others may have a hard time working in crowded spaces. Figure out what your main distractors are and look for a study space where these won't become an issue. If your main distractor is your phone, place it somewhere far from you as you work or keep it on silent so that it doesn't break your concentration every time you get a notification.

Take Your Studying to New Locations

Having a designated study space that keeps you away from distractions is a great way to get your reviewing done, but taking your studying to new spaces can also be a great strategy. Take a break from studying at home and head to the local library or a cafe for a change of scenery. Changing up the space will help your brain create new associations with the material you're learning, making it easier to recall later on.

Take Study Breaks

Avoid sitting for hours on end studying without taking any breaks. Not only will your body get tired of sitting in the same spot for hours, but your brain can also get tired of reviewing. If you are mentally and physically tired, you most likely won't absorb the information you're reviewing. To prevent this from happening, allow yourself to take breaks. Your breaks should be short, about 15 minutes, and should give your mind and body a rest. Some activities you can do when you step away from your work include taking the dog for a walk, stretching, making a snack, or taking a nap. The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA can help your child be fully prepared for their next exams. Contact The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA at (310)530-5377 to find out more about their academic programs and one-to-one tutoring approach. Don't forget to schedule your free diagnostic assessment today!

Use Your Class Notes

The notes you take in class are a great study tool that should be used when preparing for exams. Even if your notes are nice and neat, rewriting is a great idea. This strategy will help you review your notes and really absorb the information they contain. Make sure to handwrite them since typing them up won't have the same effect. You can also read them out loud to reinforce the information.

Take Practice Tests

Taking a practice test before diving into your studying is a great way to assess where you stand. A practice test will let you know what your strong areas are and what areas need more work. You can also take a practice test halfway through your studying in order to measure your progress.

Teach Someone What You've Learned

After a study session, teach someone else what you've learned. This technique will help you go over newly learned information and will force you to explain the reasoning behind it. If you don't fully grasp a concept, this will become clear as you're explaining it. You will become more aware of what areas need more work and what areas you fully understand.

Review Before Going to Bed

Since the brain tends to strengthen new memory while we sleep, reviewing a bit before bed may be a good idea. Avoid studying in bed because you may not be able to fully focus on the material. Instead, have a little review session at your desk before your bed time. You may find that it is easier to retain what you review before you go to sleep.

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