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Certain learning tools, such as a dictionary or a calculator, can make a huge difference in your child’s academic life. However, for them to make the most out of those tools, they need to learn how to employ them effectively. With this in mind, this post will go over a few tips you can follow to teach your child to use their dictionary properly. This way, they’ll be able to use it to expand their vocabulary, get better at spelling, and improve their reading comprehension skills.

How to Use a Dictionary

Work on the Alphabet

Start by making sure that your child has the alphabet memorized. As you know, this is very important when using a dictionary, so help them reinforce it by singing the alphabet song along with them. 

Provide the Right Dictionary

The next step is to provide the right dictionary for your child. There are different kinds, different sizes, and different purposes. However, a paperback, pocket-size English dictionary may be the best place to start.

Learn About the Dictionary

Some dictionaries have a thesaurus, teach you a word’s pronunciation, it’s part of speech, and more. This is why you should go over the dictionary with your child and tell them what each of its components mean and how they can help them.

Search Effectively

When searching for a word in the dictionary, start by looking for the first letter in the word. Once you’re in that subdivision in the dictionary, your child can remember the alphabet and use the guide words at the top to verify if the word they need is in a certain page.

Work on Understanding the Definition

Now that your child has found the word they needed, you should ensure that they understand its definition. Encourage them to use the dictionary again to search for unknown words within the definition so they can get a clearer grasp on the meaning.

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