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As your child progresses through school, they will be expected to take on more work and to manage their workload more independently. When you add extra-curricular activities such as sports and after-school clubs into this equation, it’s easy for all their commitments to become difficult to manage. The Tutoring Center in Torrance would like to offer a little guidance as to how you can help your child stay on top of their commitments.

Establish study times

Sit down with your child and discuss when they will study each day. Straight after school is a good time as they are still in a studying mindset, but if they have a club to attend or otherwise then perhaps you will decide on a later time. Whenever you choose, be sure to enforce this; it’s crucial that study be your child’s priority if they are to succeed in school.

Draw up a schedule

Aside from discussing their dedicated daily study time, it is a good idea to also help your child draw up a weekly schedule detailing what they’ll do. Having a clear guide to clubs they’ll attend, sports matches or tests they have scheduled and so forth will be invaluable in helping them remember everything.


If your child’s schedule is simply too full, or they are struggling to keep up with schoolwork due to other commitments, it’s a good idea to work out which of their activities are most important (both in terms of how much they enjoy them and how beneficial they are) and to focus on those of a higher priority.

Discourage procrastination

Everyone is familiar with the feeling of a day wasted going about meaningless tasks and avoiding work! Try to discourage your children from doing this by removing distractions from their study space (make sure the TV is off, ask them to switch off their cell phone, etc.) and by promoting a healthy attitude to study by encouraging them to take a quick break every hour or so. Regular breaks will help them stay focused and effective in the long-term; no one’s attention span is limitless!

If your child needs help developing good study skills, or is struggling in any academic area, you can rely on The Tutoring Center. Our tutors offer one-to-one classes that are tailored to your child’s specific needs and learning style. Call 347-922-2221 to arrange tutoring in Torrance today.


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