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The Benefits Learning a Second Language Can Have on Education

When it comes to deciding what subjects to focus on at school, or even later at College, Modern Foreign Languages are not often a priority for children from the United States. In 2015, only 7% of college students in America were enrolled in a language course. In fact, many schools are actually cutting these subjects from their curriculum! However, studies have shown numerous benefits of learning a second language; from improved employability, to better writing skills and even cognitive benefits! Modern Foreign Languages can be challenging to learn, but the benefits that they provide really are worth the extra effort. In today’s blog, the experts at The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA would like to share their Top Benefits of studying Modern Foreign Languages.
  • Learning a language makes a person more flexible and open to other cultures. In our multicultural society, children come into contact with people from other countries, who may have different traditions and beliefs, almost on a daily basis. The ability to understand and form a rapport with these people is an asset in the workplace, as well as helping communities to live in harmony.
  • Language learning improves cognitive skills. Study after study has demonstrated that learning a new language leads to improved scores on standardized tests, increased IQ, and better academic performance all round.
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  • Language skills provide the opportunity to travel. If your child decides to major or minor in languages at College, they may well have the opportunity to participate in an exchange program and spend a semester studying abroad in Europe, Asia or Latin America. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel and experience a new culture that is only available to language students.
  • Foreign Language skills improve employability. The job market in the US is still tough, especially for new graduates who lack professional experience. Language skills can make the difference between a job offer and rejection. Even for jobs that do not require international travel, multilingual skills demonstrate intelligence, flexibility and decision-making skills that could well give your child the edge over others applying for the same position.
  • Learning a second language improves vocabulary and grammatical skills in the first language. Before a person is able to master, a foreign language, they must gain a deeper understanding of their native language. If they are able to identify different tenses and grammatical structures, they will be able to make comparisons and contrasts between the two languages. This reinforces their knowledge and makes language learning easier. It is also likely that they will broaden their English vocabulary by learning a wide range of vocabulary in their second language. This gives language learners a great advantage when it comes to speaking or written assessments, such as presentation or essays.
  • Learning a second language increases brain power and memory. The brain is incredible at responding and evolving to meet whatever demand is placed on it. If your child begins to learn a second language from a young age, their brain responds to this extra challenge by forming more connections and becoming more ‘powerful.' This then translates to a better memory and increased academic performance in later life.
  • Learning a language is fun! Many children who are not naturally ‘academic’ do not enjoy learning Math or Science, but they may well enjoy learning a language. Some of the most effective ways of learning come through play, song, and dance, so the process of learning a language can be extremely enjoyable. Add to this the experience of communicating with people from other countries and learning about other cultures, and you can see why it can be a real pleasure to study.

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