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To avoid the summer slide, summer learning is a must. This post can help you find ways to help your child avoid a learning loss this summer.

Why It's Important for Students to Stay Academically Active Through the Summer

Summer break is the perfect time for your child to relax and take a break from their strict academic routine. However, this doesn't mean academics should be completely forgotten. Most parents are aware of the devastating effects a summer learning loss can mean for students. Because of this, we have some information that can help you keep your child learning this summer.

Prevent the Effects of Learning Losses

Most people think that because a learning loss happens quite quickly, they can recover from it just as fast. In reality, the summer slide can have long lasting effects. While going back to school in the fall can help your child reverse some of the damage, some of the effects aren't as easy to reverse. Loss of knowledge can even end up accumulating over time, making it harder for your child to keep up. Those students who are consistently affected by summer learning losses will start to perform below grade level and are at more risk of dropping out of school and not attending college.

The Summer Slide Can Affect All Areas

If your child doesn't stay academically active during the summer, they risk falling behind in all areas of school. Certain areas or subjects may be more affected than others, but the effects can be seen all around. Math tends to be the most affected area, which is bad news because schools already have a hard enough time keeping their students at state math levels. Other areas that tend to be affected include reading and spelling. Students who don't read over the summer may even see a decline in their reading level upon their return to school. To prevent the summer slide using creative means, use these tips.

Most Students Are at Risk of Losing Knowledge

It's easy to assume that your child won't be affected for whatever reason, but most children in the United States are at risk of being affected at least a bit. If your child goes to a school with a nontraditional calendar that includes summer classes, they are better off. Those who have a months-long summer break should look for activities that put their knowledge to use in order to avoid losing it. These activities can include anything from summer school, summer camp, reading programs, and even tutoring. To help your child retain their knowledge this summer, enroll them in tutoring at The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA. Look for an academic program that will keep your child's knowledge fresh while also building on it. Contact the tutors at The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA at (310)530-5377 to learn more.

Parents Play a Key Role

As a parent, you have the power to make a huge difference in your child's academics during the summer. Because traditional schools don't operate during these months, you may have to look for summer programs or creative ways to encourage learning at home. Some parents may struggle with this due to time constraints or the high costs of some programs, but there are always alternatives. Head over to your local library and enroll your child in a summer reading program. These programs usually offer incentives that will help your child enjoy reading. Summer school is also a great option for many students. Check with your child's school to see if they know of any programs in the area that can help your child continue growing over the summer.

Find Ways to Encourage Learning at Home

If you can't find any programs that fit your schedule, you can encourage learning at home. To get your child reading, create a reading corner where you can read together. Keep in mind that by participating in your child's reading, they will be more encouraged to continue. If math practice is what your child needs, find ways to incorporate it in daily tasks, like cooking or shopping. Have your child measure and weigh things while cooking in order to put their math skills to use. While out shopping, have them calculate the price of sale items and the final price before checking out. They can also help you check your change to be sure it's correct. To practice writing, give your child a new journal. They can use this to keep track of their fun summer activities by making time for journaling every day. Fight off the summer slide at home with these tips from HuffPost.

Keep Your Child Learning with Summer Tutoring in Torrance CA

The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA offers tutoring programs that can keep your child academically active all summer long. Contact the learning center at (310)530-5377 to learn more about how they can prevent the summer slide.


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