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Emotional intelligence has become one of the most researched topics in psychology and promoting it among children can great improvements. To learn more, read this post by The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA.

Healthy Relationships

Empathetic people are capable of creating strong and lasting relationships with others. Plus, caring children have a polished ability to understand all kinds of people.

Improve Their Academic Performance

Emotionally intelligent children are more productive in school, have better health, pay more attention in class, and are more perceptive. When children are in touch with their emotional intelligence, they tend to be more empathetic toward their peers.

Boosts Self-Esteem

When people learn to identify their emotions and understand them, self-esteem increases because negative feelings won't be limiting to them. Everyone feels a wide-range of emotions such as anger, frustration, joy, love, the key lies knowing how to control them appropriately.

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What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence can be defined as the ability to understand, control one's own emotions and empathize with those of others. The following components to enhance emotional intelligence are the following:

Emotional Awareness and Self-Regulation

It involves knowing your feelings and emotions and the effect they have on you. It's the ability to control your feelings and emotions by preventing them from taking an emotional toll on you.

Encourage Empathy

Seeing the bright side of any situation, or remind your goals can uplift your mood. Also, empathy relies on understanding the emotions of other people, not only based on their words and opinions, so it's one of the best qualities for social integration.

How to Teach Emotional Intelligence to Children?

It's important to make children aware that personal and work-related relationships involve correct communication and social interaction. It could be challenging for children to control emotions such as frustration or anger, but parents and/or tutors must help them understand these feelings as soon as possible for them to manage them correctly. Here are a few actions to take into consideration:

Promote Self-Knowledge

Parents know their sons and daughters because they have seen them grow but they must teach and encourage children to know themselves so that they trust their abilities. To achieve this, you could start by helping them see their flaws to work on them on time and highlighting their strengths and skills mastered.

Regulate Anger and Frustration

It's not unusual to see a girl or a boy crying out these emotions due to tantrums or failed attempts at something. You must help them understand the importance of thinking before getting angry or reacting due to anger.

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Motivate Them

Motivation is key to reach their goals and milestones in both personal and professional life. Next time your children excel at something, acknowledge their achievements, help them manage failure situations, and teach them to persevere. For example, reward them when they achieve an important goal, it doesn't have to be a gift, it may consist of cooking their favorite meal, for example, or announcing their achievements to other members of the family.

Make Time to Play with Them

When children are young, an easy way to teach them is through games. For example, you can create a game that consists of drawing emotions, that is, faces representing a feeling. You'd only need paper sheets and colored pencils. Another good option is to look for images of boys or girls expressing emotions and ask them how those boys and girls in the photos are feeling and what can they do to feel better?

Promoting Empathy Should Be a Priority

Humans are born as empathetic living-beings, but whether this ability develops depends on the education received. Empathy involves the ability to put yourself in someone else's place. To teach empathy to your children you must work on yours first; if you don't show empathy in front of your children, or if you are not empathetic with other people, your children won't be able to see you as an example.


Help your children identify their emotions; from childhood, children must learn to identify when they are happy, when they are angry or afraid. If you help them identify their own feelings, they will be able to identify those same emotions in other people and practice empathy.

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