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Help Your Child to Enjoy Writing

Whether it’s personal, educational or even professional, writing brings with it enjoyment and learning. The challenge, however, is convincing your child that writing isn’t just limited to copying down the lesson presented to them during class or writing an exam essay.

Knowing the importance of writing in a child’s educational and career paths, The Tutoring Center of Torrance has put together a few great tips to help you show your child just how enjoyable writing can be, and how it can positively impact both their education and employment options.

Change the Subject

Do you know the one thing children don’t enjoy writing about? Subjects they have been told to write about. And while it’s important for them to stretch their imaginations and writing style by writing about subjects they may not be particularly interested in, to help them enjoy writing, the best place to start is with subjects they do. The next time your child sits down to practice their writing, instead of asking them to follow guidelines in a textbook, ask them to write you a story. Don’t give them any more advice or instructions apart from that. With free rein to write about whatever they want, you will be surprised at how easily their pen writes or their keyboard clicks.

Make It Personal

A subject that children are often fond of talking about is, of course, themselves. Take this subject and run with it by buying your child a journal and giving them spare time each afternoon to write about their day and how the felt throughout it. While it may not seem like the most educational, when they are writing about their frustrations of their emotions they are likely to search for words they aren’t likely to use during their school lessons, helping them to build their vocabulary. Here's an Extra Tip Alongside their journal, give them a thesaurus. Many children tend to repeat the same words over and over again simply because they don’t know another word exists. Providing your child with an outlet to quickly and easily learn new words is a great way to increase their communication skills To help your child enjoy writing in a more formal yet enjoyable situation, speak with The Tutoring Center of Torrance at (310) 530-5377 about our “Geniuses in Training” programs which have been purpose designed to blend education with enjoyment. Through one-to-one instruction, The Tutoring Center of Torrance is able to ensure your child receives enjoyable and relatable tutoring service near Redondo Beach, helping to further their enjoyment of learning.

Write Together

If your child finds it difficult to get started with writing or they just don’t seem to remain enthused, join them during their writing time and show your interest. Children take cues from their parents, and if they are able to see you genuinely interested in writing, they are likely to follow suit. Chose a subject which you both enjoy and write a short story together. If you have both undertaken an activity or an errand that day, simply write about that. Combining your own sentence structure and vocabulary with their own is a great way for them to learn different writing styles and help them to learn which is the most appropriate.

Start a Blog

It’s likely that your child has a favorite hobby or interest, and this can provide a great outlet for them to further their writing skills. If they enjoy fashion, encourage them to start a fashion blog where they write about upcoming designers of the latest trends which are seen at their school. If their school has a magazine, speak with them about submitting their articles for print. If your child has more of a sports mind, ask them to write reviews of their favorite sporting events which have recently occurred and post them to an online sporting blog website. Receiving positive feedback from their school peers or fellow sports lovers can be a great encouragement tool.

Benefit from Professional Tutoring Services near Redondo Beach

Sometimes it can be a challenge to help your child understand the importance of writing and how it can be enjoyable. If you are finding it difficult, know that you aren’t alone. Speak with The Tutoring Center of Torrance at 310 530 5377 and learn about our “Geniuses in Training” programs which deliver high-quality lessons targeted towards improving your child’s writing skills. Delivered through one-to-one instruction, children who attend these programs are encouraged to personalize each lesson to ensure the teachings are not only relatable but enjoyable.


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