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‘Superfoods’ get a lot of press, and for good reason; they’re packed with the nutrients your child needs to develop well both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, many of the superfoods that get the most column inches are far too expensive to form the basis of anyone’s diet. Today, The Tutoring Center in Torrance would like to let you know about some superfoods that won’t break the bank.


Kale gets a lot of press, but spinach shares most of the health benefits of kale at a far lower price tag. It’s still brimming with goodness, in fact one cup of spinach provides double your daily requirement of vitamin K (crucial for bone health) and it’s rich in iron, vitamin C and beta-carotene.


Oats are possibly the healthiest breakfast option available, and they’re ten times cheaper than brand-name granolas and cereals targeted at the health-food market. Oats provide a great source of healthy carbs and protein, especially when cooked with milk and/or yogurt, and they’re also rich in iron (vital for maintaining energy levels through a busy schoolday). They’re also versatile; you can top cooked oatmeal with whatever your child fancies, and you could even try savory oatmeal if your child doesn’t have a sweet tooth.


Sure, salmon fillets are an excellent health food, but tuna matches most of salmon’s strengths at a fraction of the cost. Canned tuna is a great source of protein for growing bodies and healthy fats that are essential for good brain health. Throwing together a tuna salad for lunch couldn’t be simpler, and we’re yet to meet a child that doesn’t enjoy a tuna mayo sandwich!

Beans and lentils

Dried pulses are one of the healthiest protein sources available, and you can pick up a whole sack of them for a few dollars! They’re chock-full of fiber, which not only keeps you feeling full for hours but is also proven to promote heart health, and they’re rich in various vitamins and minerals; nutrients vary from bean to bean, so include a variety to cover all your bases. Including beans and/or lentils in chilis, casseroles and even pasta sauces is easy, cost-effective, and tasty.


Bananas are packed with healthy carbohydrates and potassium, and make for the perfect pre- or post-exercise snack if your child’s a keen sportsperson. They’re also rich in vitamin C and and plant fiber. All this and they’re still one of the cheapest fruits available!

If you’d like to help your child excel at school, hiring a tutor can provide them with the targeted supper they need to really flourish. The Tutoring Center offer specialized Geniuses in Training academic programs to aid with reading, math, grammar and more, so call 347-922-2221 to organize tutoring in Torrance today.

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