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Most parents are aware of the summer slide and the negative effects it can cause. To fight back against it, keep your child learning this summer using these tips.

Summer Learning Activities for Students

Summer break is now in full swing, and at this point, your child may already be getting bored with their daily routine of sleeping in, watching television, and playing video games. As a parent, you may be worried about the effects the summer slide may have on your child. Luckily for both of you, there are plenty of educational activities you can do together that are also fun and entertaining. Check out some below!

Summer Reading Practice

While many students may consider a strictly academic activity, this isn't true. If your child has never been encouraged to read for fun, change this during the summer. Allowing your child to read whatever they want, from graphic novels to classic literature, will open up a world of new possibilities for them. Not only will they enjoy reading more, but they will also improve their reading level thanks to this practice. To get your child excited about reading, take them to your local library at the beginning of summer. Allow them to browse the collection of books and other reading material available and let them pick things out freely. By giving them the freedom to choose their reading material, you can be sure they'll actually be interested in reading it. While you're at the library, be sure to ask if they're hosting a summer reading program. If so, enroll your child to keep them motivated to read through the summer.

Practice Math Lessons

Math can be a tricky subject for parents to approach. Not only is this subject tricky, but it also tends to be one that children try to avoid. Bringing up math practice during the summer months can be enough to get your child to run the other way, so it may be best to sneak some basic math practice into their routine. An easy way to get your child to practice their mental math skills is by having family game nights and playing board games that involve some addition, subtraction, and money calculations. When playing a game like Monopoly, have your child be the banker so that their math skills are put to the test. If your child wants to use their summer break to get ahead, why not enroll them in tutoring in Torrance? The academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA can target your child's needs, making it easier for them to reach their academic goals. To learn all about these, contact their learning center at (310) 530-5377.

Writing Lessons

Like reading, many students may not enjoy writing because they've only been exposed to it in an academic manner. Use the summer months to encourage freewriting, which can be much more fun and even liberating for students. At the start of summer, give your child a brand new journal and allow them to decorate it as they please. Explain to them that the journal is theirs and they can use it to write whatever they please. They can use it as a diary, they can write short stories, practice poetry, create their own graphic novel, or a combination of it all. Let them know that you won't be reading their writing or correcting it so that they feel free to really be creative and honest in their writing.

Get Outdoors This Summer

There may be some days when the heat is unbearable during the summer, but on the days when the weather is nice, take advantage of it and head outdoors. Your child may want to spend their days indoors playing video games, but without any physical activity, their mind and body will be unhappy. Physical activity is necessary for their mental and physical well-being, so head outside to play. Some students may love the idea of joining a sports team, but others may prefer going on hikes or on bike rides. Check in with your child and plan activities that will be fun for them so that they actually want to participate. Even just playing in the yard or heading out on walks around the block can be enough to keep them active and healthy.

Academic Tutoring in Torrance, CA

The summertime is the perfect time to enroll your child in tutoring in Torrance, CA. Check out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA and enroll your child to get them close to their academic goals. You can learn more about these and schedule your free diagnostic assessment by giving their learning center a call at (310) 530-5377.


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