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The Power Social Influences Have Over a Student's Education and Grades

Despite your child spending most of their time at home glued to their cell phone or their tablet it’s relatively easy for a parent to gauge a decent understand of what their child’s social life looks like and how they fit into it. The challenge for parents, however, is once their children leave the front door and head to school. When that happens, parents are often left out of the loop.

 In addition to the distractions that social media and general cell phone usage can provide, there is another powerful social aspect of their education that can be taking a negative toll on your child’s grades. For this post, The Tutoring Center of Torrance has prepared some information about additional aspects of social influence occurring at your child’s school, and how it is preventing your child from reaching their true learning potential.

Where Does It Start?

Social influences can begin in many ways throughout a regular school, however, the most prominent cause is what children see as being “cool”. While just a word, “cool” has become a powerful tool and, unfortunately, quite synonymous with being disruptive and disinterested in education in a school environment.

What Are the Effects?

While these types of influences have been prevalent throughout schooling since we can all remember, their full effects are not always considered. To understand that greatest impacts we will first briefly speak about why a student asks for help.
  • To check their answer is correct or to learn more about an aspect they are struggling with.
  • To gain further knowledge regarding a subject they are excelling in.
In both of these instances, it requires a student to raise their hand and speak with the teacher, and this is where the problem lies. With the often negative association between being "cool" and asking for help or having an understanding of a subject, many students refrain from raising their hand, leading to them either failing to understand the entire lesson or learning more about a subject they are passionate about. Not only can working around this issue be difficult for a teacher, it’s often impossible for a parent. Given that a parent can’t be with their child during the day to guide them through their education, many parents have turned to external learning facilities to provide a more learning appropriate environment. A tutoring learning center near Lomita such as The Tutoring Center of Torrance prides itself in the learning spaces they have created free of this very influence. With designed programs delivered through one-to-one instruction, social influences such as these simply don’t exist. Speak with The Tutoring Center of Torrance at 310 530 5377 to learn more about how a learning space such as this not only facilitates a thorough understanding of each of your child’s lessons, but encourages them to ask questions, seek correction to incorrect answers, and truly excel during their classes.

Who Care What Others Think? Your Child Does

As parents, it’s clear in our mind, and in our memories that the social standing achieved during regular schooling years had no consequence on our future education or employment possibilities and options that were made available. However, like all lessons from a parent, this can be hard to convey to a child who spends a large portion of their day in the thick of such an environment. Alongside the general feeling of appearing to be “cool”, there is another aspect that comes into play when dealing with social influence. The “cool kid”. All too often children spend the time they should be using for learning to impress a “cool kid” in their class by either appearing to seem less intellectual than they really are or by becoming distractions themselves. While this may seem out of character for a child who interacts well at home and with their friends outside of school, inside the bounds of a school, the social standing of each student can have a great impact on how they behave during those hours.

Remove Social Influences With Tutoring Services Near Lomita

When it comes to furthering your child's education, the best way is to simply remove all social influences. Speak with The Tutoring Center of Torrance at (310) 530-5377 and ask about enrolling your child in tutoring services near Lomita. By removing all social influences from their education and classes, children find enormous benefits from one-to-one instruction where tutors are able to move their focus from being “cool”, to achieving good grades and reaching their true learning potential.


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