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If your child is looking forward to college, having them take the SAT in the fall of junior year is a great idea. To learn all about why this is a great option, check out the reasons in this post.

Benefits of Taking the SAT in the Fall

You may think that when your child takes the SAT doesn't matter too much. However, having them take it early can help them in the long run. To learn about the benefits of taking the SAT in the fall, continue reading.

Reduce the Pressure Around the Test

The SAT can feel like the most important and monumental task your child will ever have to face. Since they may think that this one test can make or break their future, it's easy to see why they get so stressed and anxious when the test is simply mentioned. By taking it early during the fall of their junior year, they can reduce the pressure and stress they feel whenever they think about the exam. Of course, they will feel that stress and anxiety as they prepare for the test, but once they complete it they'll feel much better. If they choose to take it again, they will feel significantly more relaxed and prepared for the test. All of this can help them achieve a higher score the next time around.

Take the SAT More Than Once

As mentioned above, your child can choose to take the SAT more than once. In fact, they can sit the exam multiple times in order to improve their scores. If your child takes the test for the first time during the fall of their junior year, they still have the chance to take it in the spring of the same year, the fall of the following year, and again in the spring of their senior year. Since they have tons of opportunities left, not reaching their target score the first time around won't feel like the end of the world. In fact, your child can use their first score to measure their standing. They can do more studying focused on the areas where they struggled on the test and then take the test again. In many cases, students will see an improvement in their score which will be great for their college applications. To prepare for the SAT, enroll your child in tutoring in Torrance this school year. The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA has academic programs that can help your child be better prepared for the exam. To learn more about these, contact their learning center at (310) 530-5377.

Use the Summer to Study

During the school year, it can be hard to find time to study for the SAT on top of all the other commitments your child has. If your child has a lot more free time during the summer, use these months away from school to prepare for the test. You can enroll your child in a summer tutoring program that focuses on the SAT so that they can be as ready as ever to take the test during the fall. After a summer dedicated to studying for this test, your child is sure to reach a great score even if it's their first time taking the test.

Make the SAT a Priority

Again, your child probably has tons of academic commitments during the school year. It's easier than ever for students to get overwhelmed by their academic load and extracurricular activities because academics are much more competitive now than in the past. During the school year, it can be hard to find the time to study for this test on top of your child's regular school work, AP tests, sports, clubs, internships, and after school jobs. The fall is when they're less likely to be overwhelmed since the school year is just starting, so this is a great time to take the test and get it out of the way.

Be Prepared for the Real Deal

Fall of junior year may seem early to take the SAT, but it gives your child the great advantage of getting to know the test early on. Your child may be worried about the types of questions asked on the test, the time frame, and even the essay portion. After taking the test and getting to know all of this firsthand, they'll feel more prepared and less overwhelmed by just the idea of taking the SAT.

After School Tutoring in Torrance, CA

Enrolling them in tutoring in Torrance, CA can help them prepare for the SAT or any other test they have coming up. The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA offers an SAT program that can help your child get closer to their target score. To learn more about this, give their learning center a call at (310) 530-5377. Be sure to ask about your free diagnostic assessment!


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