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Getting a child to enjoy reading can be quite a project. Parents who already have a child who loves to read probably feel rather accomplished. However, what do you do when your child does not have the desire to read? The Tutoring Center in Torrance would like give you a few tips to help you motivate your child to enjoy reading. 

Create an In Home Library

You don’t have to start by buying your child a ton of books. In fact, our recommendation is to start in the library to explore what your child is actually interested in. You may find that your child has very distinct interests or that he or she is interested in reading on a plethora of subjects. Either way, once you’ve got the idea of what your child wants, you can then begin to start your in home library. Taking your child to the bookstore with you and allowing him or her to pick out some books is a good way to get your child motivated as well. 

Designate a Family Reading Time

Your child looks up to you. Not only should you continue reading to your child, you should also consider designating a time where your family reads together. Instead of turning on the television, find a time when all of the family members can congregate in one room and read their own books. You may even consider having a read aloud time with the entire family, where individual family members can share some of their favorite parts of what they’re reading. You can work this into your schedule by following some of these time management tips. 

Limit Use of Technology

While you are the one to decide how much technology your child should be allowed to consume, you can consider limiting it even more, for the sake of getting your child interested in reading. Let’s face it, many children are going to opt for something technological if given the option. Make the option less available in order to help motivate your child to use his or her brain in another, more active manner. 

As your child continues to learn and grow with reading, you may come across other areas where he or she is in need of an extra academic push. The Tutoring Center can help you with that. For tutoring in Torrance, be sure to contact us at 347-922-2221, and do not neglect to set up your free diagnostic assessment as well.


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