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Summer is a great opportunity to give your children a break from their academic chores, however, it's recommended that you allocate some time to help them prepare for the upcoming academic term.  For this reason, at The Tutoring Center in Torrance, we would like to share useful advice on this topic.

How to Prepare Your Child for Back to School

Motivate Your Children to Read

Maintaining your children's reading abilities is very important, as lack of educational activities can lead to learning losses. Remember that your local library will have summer programs available, and make sure to have reading material available at home.


It's important that you start adjusting your children's internal clock before school starts. This way they will be used to waking up and going to bed early and will get enough rest. This is also a good opportunity to create a healthy menu to provide your children with the energy they need to fulfill their daily chores.

Summer Tutoring

Summer tutoring can boost your children's confidence before they step into the classroom, as it will help them fill learning gaps and improve their weaker areas. Summer tutoring can help them catch up with their class. The new school year is less than a month away, but you still have time to carry out these simple activities and help your children take an important step towards academic success. Also, remember that learning games are the perfect way to keep your children entertained while they learn over the summer.

Tutoring in Torrance

Your children will need personalized instruction to improve their struggle areas and enhance their academic abilities. If you are looking for tutoring in Torrance, you can trust The Tutoring Center. Our experienced tutors will provide their students with the attention they will never receive in the classroom. Call (310) 530-5377 to schedule a free consultation.


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