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Keep Your Child's Mind Active Over Winter Break

Winter break can be loads of fun for students looking for a break from school, but be sure that your child continues to put their school lessons to use. A great way to ensure your child's mind stays active over break is by planning fun and...

Study Tips to Help You Prepare for Exams

If you have important exams coming up, use these study tips to help you be fully prepared.

Create Daily Study Time

The best way to do well on an exam is by actually learning the information and not just memorizing it. To accomplish this, spread out your...

The Benefits Learning a Second Language Can Have on Education

When it comes to deciding what subjects to focus on at school, or even later at College, Modern Foreign Languages are not often a priority for children from the United States. In 2015, only 7% of college students in America were...
In this time and age, everyone should know how to work with technology, including children. Fortunately, there are many options online to help them improve their technological skills while they learn academically as well.  This post is about only some of the many websites that can aid in...

How Your Child Can Benefit From Tutoring Over the Summer Break

School is officially out for summer, and our kids have been enjoying some well-earned rest over the past couple of weeks. However, studies have shown that during the long summer break period, scores in standardized tests can drop...

Don't Let Your Child's Lesson Fade Away During Summer

It’s that time of year already – school is out for the summer, and we are all looking forward to having a rest and hopefully a nice vacation. However, with our children spending such an extended period outside of the school environment, they...

Top Tips to Improve Your Child’s Math Grades

Kids these days are learning more and more complex topics at school. Most of our children are studying a number of different subjects simultaneously; such as science, foreign languages, psychology, and sociology. It can be difficult to keep up with the...

How Sleep Could Be The Key To Your Child’s Academic Success

Human beings spend around 30% of their life asleep, with the amount of time spent sleeping per day decreasing as age increases. Sleep is essential for life – when completely deprived of sleep, people become very sick very quickly....

Help Your Child to Enjoy Writing

Whether it’s personal, educational or even professional, writing brings with it enjoyment and learning. The challenge, however, is convincing your child that writing isn’t just limited to copying down the lesson presented to them during class or writing an exam...

The Power Social Influences Have Over a Student's Education and Grades

Despite your child spending most of their time at home glued to their cell phone or their tablet it’s relatively easy for a parent to gauge a decent understand of what their child’s social life looks like and how they fit...


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