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Notes are an essential part of every student’s life, since they are their main resource to study. This is why bad or inefficient notes may not cut it. If you notice that your child takes sloppy notes that don’t help them when the time to study comes around, don’t worry. This post will go over a few tips on how you can help your child take better notes.

How to Help Your Child Take Good Notes

Help Them Be Organized and Clean

Start by providing them with a folder/notebook for each subject and by teaching them to use them accordingly. Likewise, motivate them to write a date and title on each page, and to keep their notebooks free of doodles and dirt, so their notes are organized and clean.

Encourage Them to Write Well

Your child’s notes won’t do them any good if they can’t understand what they wrote down. To avoid this, encourage your child to take notes in their best penmanship and to write complete sentences that make sense.

Teach Them Some Strategies

Often times, your child may need to use some strategies in order to keep up with what the teacher is saying. Tell them, for example, to write down everything the teacher puts on the blackboard, or to use common abbreviations when taking notes so they don’t fall behind.

Be Colorful

A great way to engage your child with their notes is to provide them with colored pens and highlighters that they can use to emphasize important information, like dates, names and definitions. 


Lastly, make sure that your child proofreads their notes once they’re done taking them. This way, they’ll be able to check if something wasn’t clear and, in that case, they can ask their teacher to explain.

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