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Most children struggle with math at some point, but there are a number of things you could suggest they do to work through them. Overcoming difficulties and solving hard problems is an excellent way to gain a deeper understanding of math, and it’s also great for your child’s confidence, so follow these tips courtesy of The Tutoring Center in Torrance next time your child is having trouble.

Read the question carefully

Often, what appears to be a very difficult problem is actually quite simple, but has been written to appear more complicated. Encourage your child to slow down and go through the problem slowly to establish exactly what is being asked of them.

What kind of math should I use?

Different problems require different solutions. Some use multiplication, some use algebra, and so forth. Establish what your child needs to use to solve the problem, and if necessary refer back to their notes or their textbook to help refresh their memory.

Start working!

Getting to work on a problem, even if they aren’t entirely sure of the steps they need to take, can help your child crack a problem. Trial and error is a powerful tool when they aren’t sure of a solution, so make it clear that trying things out is a good idea even if they’re unsuccessful. Be clear that they shouldn’t be disheartened if their first few attempts don’t work out.

Keep a record

Writing down the steps they’re taking as they go means your child will be able to work back through the problem-solving process either to see where they went wrong or to clarify how they solved the problem for future reference. It’s also much easier to keep a written record than to try to keep track of running counts or variables in their head!

Check answers and understanding

Make sure to check their answers and talk to them about why and how they came up with a certain answer. Coming to the correct conclusion is one thing, but it’s important that your child have a deeper conceptual understanding if they are to be able to solve similar problems in future.

If you feel your child could benefit from some one-to-one math tutoring, don’t hesitate to contact The Tutoring Center. Our Geniuses in Training academic programs are purpose-built to help your child excel in particular subject areas. Call 347-922-2221 to organize tutoring in Torrance today.

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