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 As your child goes through education, it can be tough to see your child go through a situation with a bully. There is always the desire, and often rightfully so, to get involved in the situation. Do you know that 7 out of 10 children would say they’ve been cyberbullied at one point? This is only one type of bullying and the numbers are staggering. The Tutoring Center in Torrance would like to assist you as parents today, in ways you can help your child get through a situation of bullying, safely and confidently. You can also consider talking with your child’s teacher about the situation and see what he or she recommends.

First, it is important to realize that bullying comes in a variety of styles. Now, with our increasingly technological society, cyber bullying is one of the most popular, and easiest forms. However, remember that bullying is anything considered to inflict physical or emotional harm from one person or group to another person.

If you’ve discovered that your child is being victimized by a bully, you’ll do well to remind him or her of these few things that should be done:
  • Confide in another person who can assist, of course, if you’ve found your child is being bullied then he or she is likely already confiding in you
  • Remind your child that the situation is not his or her fault and that there is no behaviour that he or she needs to change, but that the problem lies with the bully
  • Have your child keep a record of things that are said or done by the bully, which are threatening or harmful
  • With your child, take action against the bully-remember that unchecked bullies will continue over time 
Next, be sure to go over a few examples of things your child should not do, in reference to being bullied:
  • As the problem lies within the bully and not your child, remind your child that he or she does not have to believe what the bully says
  • Remember that your child should not only tell you, but find and advocate at school-ensure that your child does not attempt to handle the situation alone
  • Lastly, urge your child to respond peacefully-responding with violence is not a good choice unless absolutely necessary
Remember that one of the downsides to bullying is that you can often see a decreased effort in school, from the child who is being bullied. This could certainly lead to lower scores than expected. If this has happened to your child, consider hiring a tutor to help get him or her back on track. For tutoring in Torrance, remember us at The Tutoring Center, 347-922-2221.


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