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Staying focused on homework or study material can be hard for many students. To help your child stay concentrated, use these tips to fight off their distractors.

Look out for These Common Learning Distractions

It's not uncommon for students to get distracted as they try to complete their homework or studying. However, it's best that your child understands what is causing this lack of concentration so that their time spent studying isn't wasted. To resolve the issue, you will first have to identify what is causing your child to get distracted. There are a number of distractors that may be affecting them, so below is a list of the most common ones below.

Internal Study Distractions

There are different types of distractors that can affect your child's ability to concentrate. Some are not as easy to spot as others, making them a bit harder to resolve. Since internal distractors aren't tangible, they tend to be among the most difficult to spot. Below are some common internal distractors to keep an eye out for.

General Worries

If your student's life is full of stressful situations and personal issues, chances are these will affect their ability to focus. Having constant worries circling through their head can get in the way of their ability to focus on just about anything. If you know your child is having a hard time dealing with some personal issues, help them find an outlet for them. They may just need someone to talk to in order to get these issues out of the way.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is very important for all students. It doesn't just ensure your child doesn't wake up cranky, it also aids in their ability to concentrate and absorb information. If your child doesn't get enough sleep, they will definitely have a hard time focusing on anything besides how tired they are. If your child absolutely must complete homework or some studying, encourage them to take breaks. Short breaks used to take a quick nap, go for a walk, or have a healthy snack can all help your child develop a bit more energy. However, it's best to just get the right amount of sleep every night.

Anxiety and Self Doubt

Students who don't believe in themselves will often have a harder time focusing on their studying. They may have completely convinced themselves that there is no point to their studying because they're going to fail their test anyway. Help them overcome this limiting mentality by teaching them to actively replace negative thoughts with positive ones. If your child is often distracted while trying to complete their homework, tutoring in Torrance, CA can help them regain their focus. Check out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA and find the one that best suits your child's needs. To learn more, contact them at (310)530-5377.

External Study Distractions

External distractors are a lot easier to identify because they tend to be tangible and their effects are quite obvious. Even so, they can seem impossible to get rid of. Help your child overcome these types of distractions with these tips.

Electronic Distractions

Most people these days tend to get at least somewhat distracted by their electronics. For students, these types of distractions often come in the form of a cellphone, tablet, or laptop. Constant notifications, messages from friends, and social media can all cause your child to reach for their phone what seems like every minute. If this is what is causing them to lose focus while studying, simply have them keep these distractions in another room. Better yet, have them turn off their device while studying so that there are no distant pings getting in the way of their studying.

Study Environment

A student's study environment can make a great difference in their studying results, so it has to be set up properly for this. A spacious desk, comfortable chair, the right supplies, and other factors can all make concentrating easy. However, if the room is too cold or too hot, if the lighting is too dark, or if the space is too noisy, your child will undoubtedly get distracted. Do your best to keep things quiet at home during your child's study hours, reduce the amount of foot traffic passing through their study space, and provide them with the proper tools to complete their work for the best results.

After School Tutoring in Torrance CA

Tutoring in Torrance can help your child make the most of their study time. The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA offers a number of academic programs that can all help your child strengthen their academic skills in a number of ways. To learn more about these programs, contact them at (310) 530-5377.


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