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There are an amazing amount of benefits to learning a second or even third language in early childhood development. Here at The Tutoring Center in Torrance, California, we know and revel in the fact that young children's brains are like little sponges. When given the opportunity and motivation, they can soak up information and retain it. Here are a few reasons learning different languages other than their own is a very good example.

Cognitive Development

Studies have shown that children learning another language enhances their cognitive development. Problem-solving, lateral thinking, making decisions all improve with language learning.


Numerous studies conclude that bilingual children tend to be much more adept at recalling information, especially verbal information. They are able to switch easily between tasks. Being able to switch quickly in speaking one language to another makes them more capable at multi-tasking.

Grade Improvement

Speakers of more than one language tend to achieve higher scores on standardized tests than their single language speaking peers. Also, studies indicate a correlation between speaking multiple languages and a higher overall grade point average.

The Understanding of English

Learning a new language requires your child to understand the underlying mechanics of the language in question, this will also help your child understand her own language, English. A deeper understanding of languages and how they function will positively impact your child's communication skills from essay writing to public speaking.

Cultural Experiences

Becoming fluent in another language can allow your child access to a whole plethora of literature, film and entertainment from another culture that can only be appreciated in its original language. Translations cannot properly capture the essence of many great works of  poetry, literature, or theater from a different culture.

Linguists, educational experts, psychologists, and The Tutoring Center staff all agree that learning a new language early in a child’s life has an even more beneficial impact on their intellectual and educational development. We are experts in supplemental education and would like to help your child succeed. Call us for a free consultation at (310) 530-5377 or browse through our academic programs.


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