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Knowing how to identify academic burnout in your child is a must if you want to ensure they stay on the right track. Instead of ignoring the signs of burnout, use these tips to catch it early.

How to Know If Your Child Is Burned Out

All parents know that school can get quite stressful, but the stress your child is under shouldn't be constant and overwhelming. If your child is having trouble coping with the amount of stress they're under, they may be close to burnout. To help your child avoid getting burned out this school year, look out for these clear signs that your child is heading towards it.

What Is Academic Burnout?

Many parents don't catch the signs of academic burnout because they think that stress and fatigue are part of the academic experience. And while they do form part of a student's academic journey, a student being affected by burnout will show clear signs of a serious struggle. Students who are burned out aren't just tired and stressed, they're exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally. The stress they're under is relentless, making them feel like a failure even when they're accomplishing big things. All of this can lead to serious health issues, so it's important that you recognize these signs of burnout early on.

Constant Exhaustion

Exhaustion doesn't just refer to a student feeling, but rather a constant state of feeling drained in all senses of the word. A student who is exhausted will feel drained no matter how much rest they get because the exhaustion goes beyond physical tiredness and also includes emotional and mental aspects. Your child may have a hard time staying awake in class and may even dread their school day as a result of this constant fatigue.

Isolation from Friends and Family

Students who are burned out will often start to withdraw and will isolate themselves from their friends and family. They may feel too exhausted to participate in social activities they once enjoyed and may even start to avoid interacting with family members. The stress they're under can lead to anxiety which can then cause them to avoid social situations altogether.

Changing Appetite and Sleep Patterns

The pressure a student feels can lead to serious issues like a loss of appetite. Students who are burned out may not even realize they're skipping meals until they start to lose weight. This, of course, can lead to further issues with exhaustion because they aren't keeping their body sufficiently fueled. Another issue they may come across is an inability to fall asleep at night. Even if they're extremely tired, your child may have a hard time falling asleep at a regular bedtime because of the stress they're under. Help your child make it past an academic roadblock with the help of tutoring in Torrance. Check out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA and learn how these can help your child succeed. For more information, contact their learning center at (310) 530-5377.

Lack of Motivation

Students dealing with burnout can often feel like a failure even when they are completing what's required of them. Because burnout is often the result of taking on too much, students may not be able to complete their checklists, leaving them feeling like they're not doing enough. This constant sense of failure will inevitably lead to a loss of motivation that can lead students to stop trying altogether. Not only can their grades start to decline, but students may also lose interest in everything they worked hard to achieve.

Inability to Focus

Finishing homework after school can be a struggle for many students because nobody wants to do more school work once they're home. However, for students going through burnout, simple homework assignments that used to be a breeze can suddenly turn into tasks that feel nearly impossible to complete. An inability to focus and the tendency to make small, uncharacteristic mistakes can lead to an increased struggle when it comes to even the simplest of tasks.

How to Avoid Academic Burnout

If you suspect your child is going through burnout, remember that it won't just go away. Your child will need to make changes to their daily habits in order to reduce the stress that's affecting them so heavily. Help your child makes changes to their goals so that they're more realistic and encourage them to lighten their workload if they've taken on too much. Make yourself available to them whenever they feel like they need to talk and step in to ensure they're taking care of their well-being.

Academic Tutoring in Torrance, CA

If your child is having trouble keeping up in class, consider enrolling them in tutoring in Torrance, CAThe Tutoring Center, Torrance CA offers a number of academic programs that can help your child reach their academic goals. Learn more about these and schedule your free diagnostic assessment by giving them a call at (310) 530-5377.


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