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If your child spends their after-school time bored at home, change this by finding activities to keep them productive. Below are some ideas your child may enjoy.

How to Keep Your Student Productive After School

No matter how many things your child wants to accomplish after school, the couch and video games are always going to be tempting. While your child does deserve some relaxing time after a full day of classes, they should also have some fun activities to participate in so that they can stay productive after school.

Deal With the Afternoon Slump

Parents and students alike can be affected by the afternoon slump. This refers to that feeling of sluggishness that stops you from doing productive things after school or after work. While it's easy to give in to the couch, do your best to stay active in order to keep your child going as well. Providing your child with an after-school snack can also help restore their energy levels, just be sure it's a healthy snack. Avoid sugary snacks and drinks since these can give your child a short-lived energy burst.

Look for After School Activities

Many schools offer after-school programs that are open to all of their students. These often include a large range of clubs and activities, which means all students will find something that appeals to them. These types of activities are great because they push students to be more social, meet new friends, and learn something new outside of class. Students can also pick up leadership skills and improve their self-confidence all while having tons of fun.

Enroll Your Child in Tutoring

After-school tutoring is a great resource for all sorts of students, not just those who are struggling to keep up in class. Whether your child isn't producing the grades you know they're capable of or they're bored and need a challenge, tutoring is the perfect option. The learning environment at a learning center is much more relaxed, so your child may even start to enjoy their classes more. This extra help can also help them gain more academic confidence, helping them to become a lifelong learner. If you're looking to enroll your child in tutoring in Torrance, look no further than The Tutoring Center, Torrance CAContact their learning center to find the perfect tutoring program for your child. Give them a call at (310)530-5377 to learn more.

After School Sports

A great way to keep your child physically active is by enrolling them in a sports team. Some schools have their own sports teams which your child can try out for or they can also join a sports team in your community. Either way, this will ensure your child stays physically active and in great health. By joining a sports team, your child can develop leadership skills, teamwork skills, and discipline. They may even find a new passion.

Stick to a Plan

Students who arrive home with many ideas of what they want to accomplish that day may need to take an additional step in order to really stay productive. Encourage your child to create a to-do list that includes everything they want to accomplish that day as soon as they get home. Having a physical list can help them stay focused and on track a lot better because they will feel more accountable. They don't necessarily have to work until bedtime. They should take some breaks as they work and have a reward to work towards. This can be anything as simple as some time to relax before bed.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Positivity is a must if you want your child to stay active and productive after school. It's hard to get home and keep going after a long and stressful day in class, so try to be understanding if they have a hard time getting to their homework or studying. Do your best to leave your work stress at work and greet your child with a smile and some questions about their day. Ask about how their day went, what they learned in class, and what they enjoyed the most about the school day. Listen to their responses and show that you're interested. This interest can be enough to motivate your child to do their best once they get home.

After School Tutoring in Torrance, CA

If you're looking for an engaging after school activity for your child, tutoring in Torrance, CA is a great option. The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA has tons of tutoring programs that can help students reach their academic potential. Learn all about these programs by contacting their learning center at (310) 530-5377.


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