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With constantly changing school structures and teaching techniques that are being used by various teachers it’s no surprise that more and more children are finding it hard to get a consistent level of education. However, throughout all different schools, both public and private, there is one common aspect shared - growing class numbers. Now while it’s no discredit to the work that teachers are doing throughout your child’s traditional schooling path, the more students they receive each class, the less attention they not only have to pay to individual students, but the less time and resources they have available to ensure their lessons are being taught effectively to all students. Knowing how important your child’s schooling is to providing them with the results they will need to obtain high grades and open up further study and employment opportunities, The Tutoring Center of Torrance has some information to share with you about what we believe is a vital aspect in your child’s education - one-to-one instruction.

Classrooms - Just How Big Are They?

An undertaken study found that 14 perfect of U.S. schools are exceeding capacity. 14 percent. While the number itself may appear small, when you consider the amount of schools that are operating, context quickly shows just how alarming that rate is.

What Are the Effects of Large Classrooms?

When it comes to discussing the effects of large classrooms, it can come down to two aspects - how the teacher is able to teach, and how the students are able to learn. Let’s dive into this a little further.

How Large Classrooms Affect the Teacher's Ability

With student diversity and varying learning methods a teacher's job is ever increasing and their ability to perform it is ever decreasing. With larger student numbers comes more learning styles, which teachers in today's clasrooms just aren't able to address.Take for example a group of students who learn best by actively completing the task and then having the teacher examine their work to identify where they went wrong. They sit next to a group of students who learn best from watching the teacher perform the lesson. Next to them are a group of auditory learners who just can’t understand the lesson unless they hear it. Now, with only a limited amount of time, a regular teacher needs to present the same lesson in a way that can capture each of these groups of students. While they do the best they can, it’s simply impossible with the limited time that they have, leaving a large amount of these students to do their best to adjust their learning style to absorb the lesson. With one-to-one instruction through professional tutoring services in Torrance, this situation simply doesn’t exist. With a dedicated tutor, each student that attends a reputable tutoring learning center such as The Tutoring Center of Torrance is taught in a way that best suits their learning style, enabling them to get the most out of each lesson they attend. Speak with The Tutoring Center of Torrance at (310) 530-5377 to find out more. An additional benefit is that as the tutor isn’t required to address multiple students at once so all of their time can be focused on any questions a student has, making sure even the finer points of the lesson are covered and completely understood by your child.

How Large Classrooms Affect a Child's Learning

We’ve already spoken about how a child’s learning style isn’t always able to be addressed, but there is a further disadvantage that isn’t often thought about - the social aspect of a classroom. When there is a disruptive student in a general sized classroom, the teacher is often able to address the situation without too much disruption to the class or the lesson, however as the numbers grow, the chance of more disruptive children being in the same class grows. And of course, there’s one thing that a disruptive child loves - more disruption, leading to an out of hand situation that requires the teachers whole attention at the expense of your child’s learning time. When you combine this with the ever growing social dynamics that exist in every school and every classroom, the problem is often compounded until your child finds that most of the lesson (their time to learn), has been taken up by the teacher being required to settle these students down.

Finding Reputable Tutoring Services Near Me in Torrance

If reading the above article rings a little too true for your child and their classroom and you’re looking to find reputable tutoring services in Torrance, you’re not alone. With the importance of a child’s education growing every year, parents are looking for alternate methods to ensure their child is given what they need to succeed. Speak with The Tutoring Center of Torrance at (310) 530-5377 and ask about one-to-one instruction for your child. With purpose designed 'geniuses in training’ programs, The Tutoring Center of Torrance can ensure your child isn’t left behind when it comes to their education and future opportunities.


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