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If you've been assigned an essay but aren't sure where to start, use these tips to get your ideas organized.

The Components of an Essay

Every essay should be made up of three basic components, each with their own requirements. Before turning in your essay, be sure it includes these main parts.


The introduction goes at the beginning of your essay because it is what introduces the reader to the topic of your paper. Since it's at the beginning, your introduction should introduce your topic and tone while also being interesting enough to catch the reader's attention. Do your best to keep your introduction short and to the point. You don't have to explain the whole topic in your introduction, simply give a brief understanding of it. Finally, your introduction should end with a thesis statement. This sentence is very important for your essay since it is what explains your topic as well as your opinion on it. It basically guides the rest of the work that goes into your essay.

Body Paragraphs

The number of body paragraphs you need to include will depend on the assignment and the topic of your essay. In a five paragraph essay, a common school assignment, you will need to include three body paragraphs. The main job of the body paragraphs is to support or prove your thesis. Each body paragraph should be dedicated to one main idea that works to back up or strengthen your essay's main argument. Start each paragraph introducing the main idea and then focus on supporting this idea with facts, quotes, and other credible information. Finish each paragraph with a concluding sentence that helps bring the argument to a close.


Your concluding paragraph is the last and final paragraph that should be included in your essay. This final paragraph should be used to bring the paper to a close and gives you a space to sum up all of your ideas. Reinforce your thesis once more before finally ending your essay. This paragraph should also be short and to the point. The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA can help your child become a better writer this school year. Contact them at (310)530-5377 to learn about how their academic programs and tutoring approach can benefit your child. Don't forget to schedule your free diagnostic assessment!

Use an Outline

Sorting out your ideas before starting to write an essay will make the process much easier. To do this, create an outline that allows you to visualize the structure of your essay and what information will be included in each paragraph.

Use the Correct Vocabulary

Not all essays require that you use the same tone, so your word choice will depend on the type of essay you're writing. Some essays may require a serious academic tone while others may be lighter and even sarcastic or humorous. To achieve the correct tone, you will have to choose your words carefully. If your essay is formal and professional, stick to an academic vocabulary that shows your seriousness.

Do Some Research

Before starting to write, get your research out of the way. Most essays will require that you do some research because you will need facts from credible sources to support your argument. Not all the information you find will be credible, so it's important that you use sources that are reputable. Some of the best places to look for information include books, academic journals, newspapers, and documentaries. You can use online resources, but it's important that you're sure the website is trustworthy.

Include a Bibliography

While doing your research, be sure to write down all of the sources you are using to write your essay. The information you are gathering needs to be cited in the text as well as included in a bibliography. The way you cite the information in your essay and in your bibliography will depend on the format your teacher asks for, so be sure to ask questions if you don't understand how to do it.

Review Your Work

Once you're done with the writing portion, your work isn't over. After completing your first draft, have at least a couple people proofread your essay. Ask them to make corrections to grammar as well as style elements and ask for their opinion. Listen to their input and make the necessary corrections to your essay before typing up your final draft. Proofread your work once more before finally turning it in.

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