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Although most students look forward to being lazy all winter break, encourage your child to stay productive and use this time to get ahead.

How to Have a Productive Winter Break

Students all over the country look forward to the free time winter break provides, especially because they think this means they'll get to sleep in and be lazy for a few weeks. Unfortunately, it's best for students to stay academically active during their time off from school. This doesn't mean they have to bury their nose in a textbook for the next few weeks. There are plenty of ways for them to stay productive while enjoying their time off of school.

Plan Ahead

Before the first day of winter break arrives, create a plan your child can easily follow. To start, sit down with your child and come up with some goals they want to focus on during their break. These can be large or small, just make sure they're realistic for the time they have available. Once the goals are clear, focus on creating a plan to reach them. Doing this will give your child's break more structure and purpose and can motivate them to stay active daily. Not to mention, having goals will help them avoid wasting their free time.

Practice Old Lessons

If your child struggled with some lessons during the previous semester, winter break gives them the perfect opportunity to go back and really learn them. Some of these tough lessons may be part of the foundation they will need in order to successfully learn upcoming lessons. Even if your child mastered all of their previous lessons, encourage them to practice these anyway. Doing so will ensure they won't forget the knowledge they worked so hard to acquire these past few months.

Take a Winter Class

If your child gets bored at home during breaks from school, why not enroll them in a winter class? There are plenty of local community colleges that offer winter classes for students to take advantage of. Some may even offer school credits to help your child catch up or get ahead. If you prefer, your child can also look for online classes that won't require them to leave the house. Another great option is winter tutoring. Enrolling your child in tutoring can keep them in the habit of going to class and doing class work even when they're on break from school. Tutoring in Torrance, CA is a great option for students looking to get ahead during winter break. Check out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA and learn more about how these can benefit your child. To speak to one of their tutors, contact their learning center at (310)530-5377.

Get Some Professional Experience

Older students can use winter break to gain professional experience in a number of ways. A winter job will allow them to earn some extra money while giving them a better understanding of professional life outside of school. Your child can also look for internships or volunteer opportunities in the professional field they're interested in. Even if they're not getting paid, they can benefit from networking with professionals in the field while also gaining valuable experience that can be included on their resume.

Prepare for College

Getting an internship or volunteering is a great way to start preparing for college. Your child can use their free time this winter to not only gain experience but also to create more solid college plans. They can research universities, majors, and even scholarships so that they're better prepared for applications when their time comes. If your child will be heading off to college next year, use winter break to prepare to fill out documents like the FAFSA. If they have older friends who started college this year, encourage them to hang out with these friends and get their college questions answered.

Start Preparing for Next Quarter

Winter break can feel quite short, but if your child uses this time wisely they can certainly get ahead. Before heading home for winter vacation, have your child ask their teacher for tips on how to prepare for the upcoming quarter. Their teacher may give them a reading list, items to review, or even topics to research. Completing this type of work will help your child keep up during the next quarter and may even lighten their workload since they prepared ahead of time.

Winter Tutoring in Torrance CA

If your child could use some extra help reviewing old lessons or getting a head start on future lessons, tutoring in Torrance is the perfect answer. Contact The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA at (310)530-5377 to learn more about the tutoring programs they offer and how these can encourage your child to have a productive winter break. Don't forget to ask about your free diagnostic assessment!


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