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If your child is getting ready to register for the SAT, the next step is to start preparing for their test day. To ensure your child is fully prepared, check out these essential SAT prep tips.

SAT Prep Tips for Students

The SAT is a big deal for parents and students alike. Since it can affect your child's chances of getting into their dream school, it makes sense that there is a lot of pressure to score well on it. If your child is getting stressed about their upcoming test day, use these tips to help them prepare and calm their nerves.

Get to Know the SAT

If you took the SAT many years ago, there's no doubt it's changed quite a bit since then. The current SAT includes three mandatory sections and one optional section: critical reading and writing, math, and an essay portion. To get to know each section better, check out this information: Reading: The reading portion of the SAT includes 52 questions and your child will be given 65 minutes to complete this portion. In this part of the exam, your child will be required to read passages and then answer multiple choice questions derived from these passages. Writing & Language: The writing and language portion includes 44 questions which will have to be answered in 35 minutes. Again, this section will include different written passages that your child will have to use to answer the corresponding multiple choice questions. Although these passages may cover other subjects, such as science or literature, no prior knowledge of these subjects will be needed to get to the right answer. Math: The math portion of the SAT is broken down into two smaller portions, one to be completed with a calculator and one without a calculator. The calculator portion is 55 minutes long and will include 38 questions. The non-calculator portion is 25 minutes long and includes 20 questions. These sections mostly cover basic algebra but will also include a bit of geometry and some trigonometry. Most of the questions are multiple choice, but there are some grid-ins or free response questions. Essay: The essay portion of the exam is optional since not all universities require it for college applications. If your child is planning to complete this portion, they will be given 50 minutes to read a passage and write a complete essay about the author's argument in the passage. If your child needs extra help preparing for the SAT, tutoring in Torrance can be a great tool. The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA offers academic programs that focus on SAT prep, making it even easier for your child to get ready for the exam. To learn more about the SAT prep program or any other academic program they offer, contact their learning center at (310) 530-5377.

Prepare for the SAT

When your child registers for the SAT, they should figure out how much time they have before their test day. This will help them create a study schedule that makes it easier to study all of the subjects they need to review. Enrolling in an SAT tutoring program can make this easier since there is someone there to help them when they lose motivation or when they get stuck. Before even starting to study, have your child take a practice test so that they can asses their current standing and create a study plan that will benefit them. Have them take another practice test closer to their test day so that they can get used to the timing since it's such a long test. This will help them identify points of the test that make them lose motivation or concentration so that they can come up with a better game plan.

Test Taking Tips

Studying isn't the only way to prepare for the SAT. Learning test-taking strategies can also help your child reach a higher score. Before their test day, teach your child how eliminating wrong answers on multiple choice questions can help them get closer to the correct answer even when they're not sure. Be sure your child understands the importance of reading everything on the test, from the directions to the actual questions. It also helps to underline keywords in the questions so that they know exactly what to focus on when looking for the answer. Finally, remind your child to answer all of the questions on the test even if they have no idea what the answer is. Since there are no penalties for wrong answers, it's better to answer all of the questions as opposed to leaving them blank.

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Get your child ready for the SAT with the help of tutoring in Torrance, CA. Contact The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA to learn all about their SAT prep programs and any of their other academic programs. To get in touch with their learning center, give them a call at (310) 530-5377.


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