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Making New Year's resolutions is a great way to encourage your child to have a successful year. Use these tips to get them thinking about what they would like to accomplish.

Help Your Child Make Useful New Year's Resolutions

Making New Year's resolutions can be quite similar to setting goals. Because of this, students can benefit from making New Year's resolutions. Encourage your child to participate in this yearly tradition so that they feel more motivated throughout the year. To get them started, check out these tips.

Make Resolutions for Home

Your child's resolutions don't have to have an academic focus in order for them to be more successful individuals. In fact, it's a great idea to encourage your child to develop some resolutions that apply to their everyday home life. Have your child think about their daily routines, including their bedtime routine and morning routine. Ask them about the types of changes that may make these routines more efficient or beneficial. For example, if your child wakes up tired every morning, they can benefit from going to bed earlier. In this case, one of their resolutions can be to get to bed on time each night.

Focus on Academics

If your child has already set school year goals, you may think setting New Year's resolutions is a bit repetitive, but this isn't the case. You child's goals are long-term targets they hope to reach, whereas their resolutions can be focused on breaking the bad habits that can turn into obstacles along the way. Help your child develop some New Year's resolutions that will make reaching their school year goals easier. For example, shy students can benefit from resolving to participate more in class or losing the fear of asking questions when they don't understand something.

Take Part in Extracurricular Activities

Students who already participate in extracurricular activities can develop resolutions for this area of their life as well. If your child is in a dance class, they may decide to practice their skills daily. Students who aren't involved in any extracurricular activities may decide they want to join at least one. Deciding to join a club or team is a great resolution for students who are shy and who are allowing this to hold them back from doing the things they're interested in. Encourage your child to participate in the activities that interest them and watch them grow into more confident individuals. Many resolutions that students set can easily be achieved with a bit of help. If your child needs help developing better study skills or simply needs help completing homework assignments, tutoring in Torrance, CA is a great solution. For the best tutoring programs around, check out the academic programs at The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA. To learn more about them and their tutoring approach, contact their learning center at (310)530-5377.

Break Bad Habits

If your child is having a hard time deciding what kinds of resolutions they want to set, ask them to think about what bad habits they want to change. For example, if your child often forgets what their homework is and as a result ends up having to call his or her classmates for it daily, a great resolution for them would be to write down their homework daily. Give them some examples of things they may be interested in changing and then allow them to develop their own resolutions. By allowing them to create their own, you can be sure they'll be more important to your child.

Be a Role Model

Set the right example by setting your own New Year's resolutions. Stay accountable and do your best to keep up with your resolutions. Talk to your child about your progress and those difficult moments that make you consider giving up. By sharing your successes and struggles with your child, they will understand they're not the only one struggling at times. Have them share their progress with you as well as their struggle moments. Be supportive and encourage them to continue.

Maintain a Positive Outlook

As your child works at keeping up with their New Year's resolutions, ask them questions about their progress without nagging them. Avoid reprimanding them since that can cause them to develop a negative attitude. Instead, maintain a positive outlook and celebrate their successes.

Tutoring in Torrance CA

Help your child reach their academic potential this school year with the help of tutoring in Torrance. The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA offers a number of academic programs that can help your child accomplish their academic goals. Give them a call at (310)530-5377 to learn more.


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