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Dealing with the First Signs of School Stress

Each time there is a change in school; new teachers, new class buddies, exams season, etc. stress can be triggered in your child's academic life. In this post, The Tutoring Center in Torrance has some ways you can help address your child's stress.

Speak with Your Child's Teacher

When you get a chance, speak with your child's teachers and ask about any struggles or frustrations your child has exhibited during class. If you find that your child has troubles with individual areas, ask about ways you can help to build your child's self esteem to help them through.

Keep It Organized

Help your child stay on track by organizing a study and school routine with them. Find out what tasks they have upcoming and assist them with planning time and resources to ensure it is completed on time. It could be that your child has a few too many projects due closely together.

Keep It Calm

Don't match your child's stress levels with your own. Stay calm and show your child that stress isn't the answer. Show them the benefits of taking a step back, taking a deep breathe, and thinking logically without stress or emotion.

Tutoring in Torrance

If you find that your child still seems stressed, speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center in Torrance on (310) 530-5377 and set up an appointment today for a free initial consultation. Our targeted academic programs through one-to-one instruction in Torrance can be a great complement to your child's learning path.


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