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Short Answer?

It's one thing when a child takes three hours to do homework instead of an hour daily.

Homework Helps Students with Understanding by Reinforcing Concepts Taught in School

A guideline that is sometimes used is ten minutes of homework per day by grade level: one hour for sixth graders, one and a half hours for ninth graders, two hours for high school students, and so on. This is a good measure but each student is different. That's why parents have to make sure their children aren't taking more work that they can't handle to get that extra credit or graduate early. If it's affecting their sanity, it's not worth it.

Show Them that You Value Learning

From an early age, children receive a stream of negative messages about school. How many movies, TV shows, and commercials targeting the smartest child in the class, or how young people in the media describe classrooms as cells run by sadistic teachers who enjoy tormenting their students with fatal dullness? Parents must let their children know the importance of being smart and while teaching their teenagers to enjoy knowledge. Learning should not be a task, but an adventure that enriches their lives; quite literally, as the smartest ones are prone to get into a great school and land great jobs while their average classmates won't.


Parents are in the best position to evaluate daily opportunities to open children's minds to new ideas and experiences. Hearing a teenager talk enthusiastically about something they just learned or never considered before is one of the joys of parenthood, encourage them without putting too much pressure on them; so they don't feel the need to overwork themselves.

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