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Getting Back to a Routine: Homework Help

Getting your teen back into the school routine after a few months of summer can be challenging, as they learn to balance school with extracurricular activities and a social life. With all the activities your high schooler participates in, finding extra time for homework can be difficult, but it is now more important than ever for your teenager to maintain their grade point average and become accustomed to long hours of work outside of class in preparation for college. The Tutoring center in Torrance want to help them stay on track with these simple tips:

Routine, Routine, Routine

Being a teenager is stressful and, even though they may initially resist it, getting your teen into a routine will help them feel safe and secure. Ask your teen to take a look at their schedule, reserve a certain time every day dedicated to homework and, if they don’t stick to it, come up with a consequence. Not only will this help your high schooler feel more in control of their own schedule, but will also allow them to take complete responsibility for completing (or not completing) their homework.

Find the Best Environment

Everyone studies better in a certain environment, whether it’s alone in their room at a desk, or at a table in the library with peers. Help your teen find the best place for their homework and make sure it has all the supplies they might need, including pencils, erasers, calculators, etc. This allows your teenager to dive into their homework each day without having to locate supplies and materials.

Tutoring in Torrance

Don’t let a Small Problem Get Too Big

Because some subjects come easier to your high schooler than others, keep an eye out for what homework seems to be the most difficult and seek out additional assistance before your teen becomes too frustrated. Don’t hesitate to call the Tutoring Center in Torrance at (310) 530-5377 for one-to-one instruction or private tutoring in reading, writing and math.


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