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Your Teen is Failing a Class: How to Bring Those Grades Back Up

While some subjects may be harder than others for your teen, actually failing a high school class can have dramatic consequences for your teen’s college prospects and graduation. By keeping an eye on their academics throughout the semester, you and your teen can work together to identify any problems and find constructive solutions. The Tutoring Center in Torrance has some tips to help your high schooler understand the importance of passing all their classes and offer them the support they need.

What’s The Problem

Was this failed exam an isolated incident, or has your child continuously struggled throughout the semester? Are they doing their homework? Are they doing it correctly? Try to categorize the root of the problem; is it more about their organization, or specifically related to a lack of understanding? Once you find the problem, you and your teen can tackle it together and create a solution.

Talk to Your Teen

In a non-aggressive manner, sit down with your teenager and have a think session about potential solutions to bring their grades up. How do they think they can raise their grades? Do they need additional tutoring? A better place to study? To sit closer to the front of the classroom? Talking to your teen first hand will eliminate any potential for confrontation and instead transform a failing grade into an opportunity to formulate a solution together.

Reach Out To Teachers

You can only know your high schooler’s study habits outside the classroom, so make sure to get the other side of the story from their teachers. Your child is most likely one of many struggling in a particular subject and their teacher may have suggestions for specific ways they can improve their study habits.

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