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The summer is the perfect time to help your child start preparing for college. Use these tips to get your child on track for college.

Use This Summer to Prepare for College

High school juniors and seniors who are looking forward to college might have a lot to take on during the school year without even considering college applications. Help them lighten their school year load by using the summer to start preparing.

Explore Careers

Attending college has likely been a dream of your child's for some time now. Chances are they already have some idea of what they want to major in while in college. Help them explore college choices by focusing on schools that are recognized in an area that interests your child. Look at the strengths of each school and how well they're connected. A well-connected school will often offer better internship opportunities, strong mentorship, and better job prospects upon graduating. Remember that you can always call the school to have your questions answered or you can visit the campus for a tour.

Narrow Down the College Search

Looking at schools based on majors is a great place to start. However, your child may need to narrow down their search even further. Luckily, there are plenty of questions you can ask to narrow down their list of potential colleges. For example, is your child looking for a small liberal arts college or a large school with a bustling Greek life? Do they prefer to stay close to home or explore someplace new? Are they better off living in a big city or small town? Ask about their values as well. Is religion an important part of their college experience? Avoid pushing your views on your child and let them make these decisions for themselves.

Understand College Entrance Requirements

Keep in mind that not all schools have the same entrance requirements. While public schools in your state may have a streamlined system for applying to each, out of state schools and private schools may have different requirements. They may have different applications and may even require additional items. For example, some schools require a portfolio of your child's work and others may ask for letters of recommendation. Be sure you understand the requirements for each school and keep a note of their due dates. If your child's application requires a personal statement or application essay, share these tips with them before they start writing. If your child could use some extra help preparing for college entrance exams, why not enroll them in summer tutoring in Torrance, CA? The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA is happy to help your child. Contact them at (310)530-5377 to learn more.

Make a List of Accomplishments

There is much more to college applications than just test scores and your child's GPA. Your child's personal statements and accomplishments will help set them apart from the rest of the applicants. Help them write down a list of their accomplishments and awards that will be helpful when filling out applications. Be sure to include extracurricular activities they participated in and leadership roles they've taken on. They can also include internships, volunteer work, and after school jobs. These will all help them highlight their interests and strengths, making their applications much stronger.

Study for Entrance Exams

Taking the SAT and ACT can be quite intimidating for students since it can feel like their whole future will be based on these scores. Help your child relieve some of the stress related to these exams by making sure they're prepared for their test dates. Taking summer courses or summer tutoring classes focused on college entrance exam preparation can be a great help. Your child likely has more free time now than during the school year, so take advantage of it! Not only will your child feel more prepared, they will also reach a higher score with the proper preparation.

Plan Ahead

Applying to college means plenty of deadlines to keep track of, especially if your child is applying to a large number of schools. Start preparing early and create a calendar of deadlines and due dates in order to stay on track. By planning ahead, your child may feel less stressed and on top of their game. Remember to send things in early just in case there is an issue that you need to correct. Finally, remember that asking for help is always allowed. You may not know exactly how to do everything, so don't hesitate to contact college admissions offices and your child's school counselor for clarification. There are resources all around to help you and your child through this process. To continue helping your child with their college applications after the summer, use these tips.

Prepare for College with Tutoring in Torrance CA

The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA can help keep your child on track for college. Contact their tutors at (310)530-5377 to learn all about their academic programs and tutoring approach.


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