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Do your children suffer from a cell phone obsession? Follow these tips to control cyber dependence. Cyber ​​fixation is also known as internet addiction disorder (IAD)

Cyber ​​Addiction is in These Times a Topic that is Not Talked About Enough

It exists in every house. It's said that this addiction is very serious as it is difficult to quit, and produces harsh symptoms, affecting the person very aggressively if they don't relent to the subject of their obsession.

Follow These Tips to Help Your Children Become More Aware of How They Use Their Connection in the Digital World

  • You have to know how much time they spend on the web per day. You can check this by opening the screen time option on their mobile devices.
  • Once you find out, you can start taking it "one day at a time" by lowering the time they're allowed to spend on the internet, making these changes with a schedule of commitments and small activities that replace that extra time, for example reading a book, exercising, painting, crafts, etc.
  • Don't let them use their cell phone while they're eating at the family table.
  • Make a daily routine and see which one suits your child best. Each child is different, so most likely each one would probably like to have their own routine, but aim it towards the same goal.

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