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Academic burnout is an issue that affects many students, especially those in higher grade levels. Know what signs to look for and how to take care of it with these tips.

Prevent Academic Burnout

Academic burnout, also known as study burnout, is probably more common than you think. Students, especially those who are in high school and trying to get into the college of their dreams, are susceptible to this condition because of the amount of work they feel they need to do to remain competitive. This post can help you recognize the signs of academic burnout and help your child get through it.

What Is It?

Academic burnout is recognized as emotional, mental, and/or physical exhaustion brought on by academic demands. If your child has piles of work brought on by advanced classes, extracurricular commitments, and leadership positions, as well as an after-school job, it's no surprise that they may be feeling overwhelmed and stressed daily. This prolonged period of stress that seems to have no end can take an emotional, mental, and physical toll on your child that can lead to more issues. If your child is dealing with chronic fatigue, getting sick more often, losing sleep, skipping meals, losing motivation and interest in school, and is generally overwhelmed, they are likely dealing with burnout. Being aware of these symptoms can help you recognize burnout so that you can help get your child back on track. The following tips can help your child combat the exhaustion brought on by academics.

Reduce the Workload

If your child is trying to get into the college of their dreams, they've likely taken on many commitments in order to stand out above other applicants. Although this is encouraged, there should also be some established limits. If your child has so much going on that they are unable to get enough sleep every night or they don't have time to just relax, their workload can become unhealthy. If your child's workload is causing them to experience academic burnout, sit down and talk about how to reduce the amount of activities they've taken on. Decide on some activities they can let go of, at least for the time being. By lightening their workload, your child can finally get some rest and avoid exhaustion. Click here to learn more about how tutoring at The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA can help your child excel.

Learn to Say No

If you're a people-pleaser, you know just how hard it is to say no to someone. If your child is being overwhelmed because they are helping others while already struggling with their own commitments, teach them that it's ok to focus on themselves sometimes. Remind them that they won't always have such a heavy workload and that they'll have free time in the future to participate in other fulfilling activities.

Encourage Healthy Habits

Students experiencing burnout often don't get enough sleep or physical activity, and often skip meals. These symptoms of burnout can contribute to even worse issues, so it's best to ensure your child does their best to get healthy. Ensure that your child gets plenty of sleep every night so that they can wake up with a more positive attitude and increased concentration. Encourage your child to take outdoor breaks from homework and studying. Having them participate in physical activity daily will also help them stay motivated, alert, and overall happier. Eating healthy not only keeps your child energized, but it also improves their studying abilities. By ensuring that your child maintains healthy habits, they can fight off burnout and perform better in school. The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA can help your fight off academic burnout. Contact their tutors at (310)530-5377 to learn all about their academic programs and how these can help your child stay on top of their classes.

Learn to Manage Time

Time management can be tricky for some students. Procrastination and even forgetting about an assignment can lead to cramming, stress, and burnout. If your child has been assigned a book report on a 500-page book, help them come up with a realistic plan that will guide them through the process. Make daily reading time and reserve enough time before the due date to finish the report without rushing. Similarly, make daily homework time and study time so that no assignment or test gets forgotten.

Enjoy Some Free Time

Free time is essential for everyone, not just students. Without it, daily life becomes unenjoyable, and your child may start to lose interest in things they once enjoyed. Encourage your child to have a social life and participate in social events at school. Remind your child that school isn't all about strict routines, they also have to make time for fun events, like school dances and socials.

Look for Help

If your child is having a hard time keeping up with their academics and seems to be headed towards burnout, look for additional help. Sometimes just giving your child an outlet to talk can help them solve some of the issues contributing to their burnout. Figure out what is the root of the problem and help them fix it. You can also help by staying informed and keeping your child motivated. Use these tips to motivate your child through the school year.

After School Tutoring in Torrance CA

If your child's homework is contributing to academic burnout, get help from after school tutoring. Enrolling them in tutoring at The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA can help get them back on track. Contact them at (310)530-5377 to learn more.


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