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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention released a study in July of 2014 reporting that 98.5% of 12 - 15 year olds in the US watch TV daily. Today, The Tutoring Center in Torrance would like to offer a little advice on encouraging healthy viewing habits in your child. A healthy relationship with the TV is especially important this time of year as your child no doubt has more free time over the holidays. Make sure they are making the most of their break by following these tips.

Limit viewing hours

Excessive TV viewing has been linked with increased likelihood of overweightness and obesity, increased blood pressure and increased cholesterol. It’s likely that this is in large part simply due to children not moving around enough! The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children limit their viewing time to 2 hours or less per day. Sit down with your child and establish rules regarding how much they can watch, and make sure to encourage physical activity as an alternative to TV.

Establish rules as to when the TV is to be switched off, including during mealtimes, when your child is studying, and in the hours directly before bed (studies show that watching TV before bed contributes to poor quality of sleep).

Encourage educational programming

Television, much like any medium, offers countless opportunities for learning if one chooses the right content. Try to steer your child toward programming that will offer them new knowledge or a fresh viewpoint. A good way to engage their brain is to ask them a lot of questions about what it is they are watching. Ask them to tell you things they have learned watching a particular program or to point out instances of good and bad behaviour and discuss why these should be encouraged or discouraged.

Avoid violent imagery

The amount of violence portrayed on our screens is mindboggling. Studies have not conclusively proven that exposure to violent imagery has direct negative effects on children’s emotional development, but it is better to be safe than sorry, as many indicate that these links might exist. Make sure to keep an eye on what your children are viewing and keep it age-appropriate.

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