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Keep Your Child's Mind Active Over Winter Break

Winter break can be loads of fun for students looking for a break from school, but be sure that your child continues to put their school lessons to use. A great way to ensure your child's mind stays active over break is by planning fun and educational activities that they will enjoy. Here are some examples of the types of activities you can plan for your child's winter break.

Winter Math Practice

Even if you're not fond of math, it doesn't mean you can't help your child practice their math skills. No matter what math level your child has reached, there are plenty of activities that can help them sharpen their basic skills during winter break. While doing some shopping, put your child in charge of the budget. They will have to practice their addition and estimation skills to stay within the budget you've set. While cooking, your child can practice skills such as counting, weighing, and fractions.

Daily Reading Time

Making time to read daily is a great way to encourage your child to develop a love for reading. Whether your child enjoys graphic novels, reading the newspaper, or poetry, you can be sure that there will always be reading material that will catch their interests. During winter break, create a daily reading time and have everyone in your family participate. This can be silent reading time or you can cozy up with your child and read aloud to each other. If your child is just learning to read, reading to each other may be the best option because it will help your child stay motivated and will provide them with the help they need.

Outdoor Educational Fun

Although the winter months can be a bit cold and stormy, outdoor activities can still be planned. Take advantage of a rainy day to teach your child about the water system or to explore how changes in the weather happen. Take a hike or head to the park and have your child check out the different ecosystems and critters present in each space. You can also visit tide pools and compare the conditions and critters to those you may find in a wooded area. If the weather permits, head outside at night and check out constellations together. These fun activities are a great way to open the door for your child to research and learn about the science that surrounds us daily.

Take a Field Trip

If your child is tired of being stuck indoors but the weather makes it hard to plan outdoor activities, head out on a field trip to a local museum, observatory, aquarium, or exploratorium. Check out what exhibits these spaces currently have and have your child choose the one that is most appealing to them. Remember to check for interactive exhibits made for children. If you're looking to enroll your child in tutoring, The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA is the perfect place. Contact The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA at (310)530-5377 to learn more about their tutoring programs and how these can put your child on the path to success. Be sure to schedule your free diagnostic assessment today!

Consider Winter Tutoring

A great way to ensure your child continues to be academically active during winter break is by enrolling them in tutoring. Tutoring isn't as strict as school, so you can be sure your child will be learning while also getting a much deserved break from normal schooling routines.

Prevent a Learning Loss

Winter tutoring is a great way to ensure your child practices the information they have learned this school year. By keeping that information fresh and using it, your child is less likely to forget it. This means they will be ready to move forward to new material once classes return in January.

Improve Your Child's Attitude

If your child has a negative attitude when it comes to school, this may be due to them having a hard time understanding lessons and keeping up in class. A lot of children who don't understand something may be embarrassed to ask for help. Winter tutoring can provide your child with a space where they are more comfortable asking for help. This will help ensure they understand their lessons and even catch up with what they missed during the school year. Your child may even go back to school with a much more positive attitude in January.

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