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Succeeding in the First Few Weeks of School

Going from the lackadaisical days of summer vacation back to the daily grind of school and homework is not the most appealing idea for almost all students. At The Tutoring Center in Torrance we know how important the first few weeks of classes are and would like to offer a little guidance to help students prepare themselves to succeed until the final days of the year. Here are a few tips we recommend to set yourself up for success:

In the Classroom

  • Make friends in your classes to share notes with and study for exams. You will likely be forced to miss a class here or there and having multiple people to copy notes from could save your grade when you have to take the next exam. Also studying in small groups helps students to remember more information, so the more contacts in each class, the better!
  • However! Do not let your friendships in class distract you from your work. It's extremely important to keep your personal social life separate from your academics. Be respectful of the classroom when you share a class with a friend; teachers won't be too happy if you use their class for social hour!


  • A great way to maintain a good school year routine is get involved in extracurricular activities outside the normal classroom. Whether it be sports, drama, band, or student government, extracurriculars are a great way to form relationships with other students and staff you may not interact with otherwise.
  • In addition to forming new relationships, extracurricular activities look great on college applications, and help you stay busy during the school year; the less time you have to get distracted, the more you will focus on class!

At Home

  • The school routine needs to continue outside the classroom and carry into your home. Have a schedule for long term projects and a planner for daily assignments. Dedicate a certain amount of time everyday to doing homework; keep in mind that some days you may need to allocate more time for projects or tests!
  • Remember to follow healthy sleeping and eating habits to properly fuel your brain. Without the proper rest and nutrition, it's hard to retain new facts and recall already learned information. Try to have a period of time where you 'wind-down' before bed by turning off electronics (especially your phone!) and relaxing. Then have a strict time to be in bed with your eyes closed. Really resist the urge to stay up late, sleep is crucial to learning.
  • Never skip breakfast! Going to class on an empty stomach is painful, and practically a waste of time. Allow yourself time every morning to have at least something small and quick that will bide you over until lunch.

Private Tutoring in Torrance

By following these quick tips, it will help keep you focused in class and at school. However, private tutoring is always a good way to get an advantage. For private one-to-one instruction and tutoring in Torrance, call our experts today at (310) 530-5377.


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