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Effective essay writing is a great skill to master, especially since essays are a huge component in college admissions and in university academics. A lot of the time, being assigned an essay can feel quite daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Breaking the work down into smaller steps will help you produce a great essay without being intimidated. The Tutoring Center in Torrance has some tips to help you get through the process and produce a great essay.

Before you begin

Try not to get intimidated by the task at hand, instead start off by making sure you understand the topic or prompt that has been assigned. Look up words you don’t understand and ask questions until you feel comfortable with what the topic is asking. If the topic requires you to have some research or background knowledge, be sure to gather notes and quotes that will help you develop your essay. Make a mind map using keywords and key ideas to develop a strong argument. Create an outline to give your essay a structure that you can follow as you write. It is also important that you work in the right space as your surroundings can greatly affect the work you produce.

As you write

Your essay should be made up of three main components: introduction, body and conclusion. Your introduction should introduce the topic in an engaging and concise manner. This first paragraph will also introduce your thesis, what you will be proving in your following paragraphs. Each important point should get its own body paragraph. These should begin with a clear topic sentence and should contain supporting evidence. Quotes and references are key tools for strengthening your argument. Your last paragraph should be a conclusion where you bring your essay to a close. Summarize your major ideas and make sure your thesis has been proved.

You’re almost done

Carefully review your essay making sure to fix grammar and punctuation errors, while also making sure you have answered the prompt. Make sure your supporting arguments prove your thesis. Ask your peers and teachers to read your essay, and use their feedback to improve your work. Once you are satisfied with your essay, write your final draft. Don’t forget to include proper citations and a bibliography.

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