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The Perfect Time to Introduce Children to Art

Several weeks have gone by in this quarantine and while people are getting the hang of it this way of living, that cannot wait to get back to life as they know it. But until that happens, here are a few perks that come with doing art projects with children to cope with confinement:
  • Create their own criteria: Many museums around the world have provided virtual tours during quarantine; and boys and girls can pay "a visit" to these places at home, watch movies, or arrange dance performances from the living room, paint or draw and form their own opinions about what their likes and dislikes about these activities.
  • Increase their concentration: Creating a drawing, painting, or even playing with play-dough are activities that require concentration, and that concentration will benefit children in all academic and personal areas. It will also improve their coordination since drawing and painting requires hand-eye coordination and getting used to this motion, will favor their motor skills.
  • Cement their knowledge of history: When children study art at school, they get familiar with the past and all the artistic expressions that existed and are still present to this day, this helps them learn about the history and have an interest in the subject.

Last but Not Least

Art will help them learn important values ​​such as effort and dedication, which can enrich other aspects of their lives and boost their creativity; children's art-focused activities increase their creativity and imagination.

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