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Make Going Back to School Easy for Everyone

Going back to school does not need to be a stressful time for everyone. Here are some tips for easing the transition.

Plan Ahead

Get your morning routine down and practice in advance to avoid the last minute rush. Return your child to a normal sleep schedule so that there is no sudden shock when school starts. Prepare lunch menus in advance. If you do not have to rush on the first day, it helps calm your child.

Listen to Your Child

Ask about your child's concerns and listen to what he says, however trivial it may seem to you. Tell him to be specific and help him address his issues. He may feel unprepared for the new school material or worried about making new friends. You have been there before, so help him cope.

Stay Tough

Do not create unnecessary drama or exacerbate the emotions your child is feeling. If they are crying, comfort them in a calm, disciplined manner. Help them deal with their feelings, and keep yours in check. If you feel like crying too, save it for when your child is not present.

Ask for Help

If the nervous jitters continue after the first couple of weeks, seek help from school teachers and administrators. Do not punish anxiety. Deal with the issues.

For Tutoring in Torrance

Further help ease the transition to school by enrolling your child in a tutoring program. At The Tutoring Center in Torrance, we offer one-to-one tutoring help in math, reading, writing, and more. Visit our website to learn more and call 310 530 5377 to schedule your free diagnostic assessment.


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