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 At school, your children will not only learn to read and write, but they will also acquire social skills and other tools that are necessary for their development. Teachers play a fundamental role in their academic progress. At The Tutoring Center in Torrance, CA, we know how important it is to have an open communication with the people who are significant in the academic achievements of your children. Here are a few simple questions to ask the next time you meet with your child’s teacher.

What is the Social Status of My Child?

You already know how your child behaves at home, but at school it could be a completely different story. Is she being bullied? Does she daydream in class? Does she have a lot of friends?  All these things can affect not only the grades of your child, but also other important areas.

What is My Child's Learning Type?

There are three different learning types; visual (see), auditory (hear) and kinesthetic (touch.) Although you may already know which one suits your child, it is good to have confirmation from the teacher. This way you will be able to encourage your child to work with the other types of learning that she is weaker in.

What do You Need to Know About My Child?

Encourage the teacher to ask you questions which will help with a well rounded viewpoint of your child. "Suzie can’t see what I am writing on the board, so I moved her desk closer to the front of the classroom." "That's strange, she just got new glasses." "What glasses? I haven't seen her wearing any." Aha! You just found out that Suzie keeps forgetting her glasses at home.

How Can I Help?

Let the teacher know you support what they do. By asking this question, you will be opening a dialogue, that benefits your child. Especially, if they recommend supplemental education.

These simple questions will give you an insight as to how your child behaves at school. If the teacher suggests that your child needs extra help and you are looking for tutoring in Torrance,  try The Tutoring Center! Our comprehensive programs will provide the resources that will improve  your child’s academic skills. Call (310) 530-5377 for a free consultation.


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