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Top Tips to Improve Your Child’s Math Grades

Kids these days are learning more and more complex topics at school. Most of our children are studying a number of different subjects simultaneously; such as science, foreign languages, psychology, and sociology. It can be difficult to keep up with the demanding pace and schedule of their curriculums and many students struggle in certain areas. For the majority of students, there is one subject that causes more stress and anxiety than any other – Math. It can even be hard as a parent to help your children with homework and studying as these subjects can be difficult for an adult to understand! But fortunately, help is at hand! The experts at The Tutoring Center of Torrance have put together this guide to helping your kids achieve top grades in this tricky subject.

Practice Makes Perfect

The key to being able to solve mathematical problems quickly and efficiently is, without a doubt, practice. Prepare a small number of math exercises for your child to do every night when you have time. Perhaps after dinner, or right when they get home from school so that they aren’t too tired. You can find exercises with step by step solutions online. Dedicate 30 to 60 minutes each day to solving math problems with your child and you will see their grades improve dramatically. If your child is struggling with Math or any other subject, Tutoring services near Torrance are the solution that you have been looking for. Call The Tutoring Center of Torrance today at 310 530 5377 to find out about one-to-one instruction and how it is helping children of all grades increase their understanding and enjoyment of math.

Focus on Weak Areas

When practicing mathematical exercises at home, try focusing on a different skill or topic each day. For example, Mondays could be long division, Tuesdays geometry, Wednesday algebra, etc. (with weekends off to rest). With this method, you can identify which are the exercises that your child is already confident in solving, and which are their weaker areas. Every child is different. Once you have identified areas of weakness in your child’s math abilities, you can help them even more by focusing on these and practicing extra activities in these areas.

Review Previous Levels

Math is a sequential subject. This means that if you have not mastered the key concepts of one level, you will not be able to advance and fully understand the material covered in the next level. By taking the time to go back to basics and gradually work through progressively more complex tasks, you can ensure that your child has fully understood each foundation level and has the required tools to move on to more complex topics. This not only helps their understanding but also helps to build their confidence as they will not feel overwhelmed.

Work on Exam Strategy

It is important to investigate the way in which your child will be examined in Mathematics. Are their exams multiple choice questions? Do all questions carry the same amount of points? Are they given points for showing their working or just for the final answer? This is all very important information as, once you know the style of the exam, you can design study and exam practice around this. For example, in a long exam made up of 100 multiple choice questions, a sensible strategy would be to go through answering any ‘easy’ questions, then focus on ‘medium’ level questions, leaving any difficult ones until the end so as not to run out of time.


Flashcards can be an excellent visual tool for learning definitions of terminology or equations. They can also be a fun way to learn and can make studying into a game. Create color-coded flashcards for each topic, put them face down on the table and ask your child to select one at a time. If they manage to remember the definition or equation, they get a point. Set a goal number of points that they must achieve to win a small prize (maybe cooking their favorite dinner, or watching a movie together as a family).

Help Your Child Reach Their Potential with Tutoring Services near Torrance

These tips should help your child to feel more confident and excel in their Math exams. If they still require extra support, speak with The Tutoring Center of Torrance at 310 530 5377 about tutoring services in Torrance which are delivered through one-to-one instruction. Our sessions ensure your child receives the attention they need to understand each math lesson they undertake.


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