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Learning Advantages of Playing an Instrument

When you think about your child's academic career it's rare that you give much consideration to non-education based activities as on the surface they don't appear to offer much benefit to your child's brain. The Tutoring Center in Torrance has put together a list of ways that learning an instrument can help your child succeed in their academics. 

  1. Constantly counting bars, notes, tempo etc may seem like second nature for a child who plays an instrument, and is also second nature to children who perform well at math. Reading music constantly challenges your brain to run small calculations that keep your child's brain on focus.
  2. Reading music whilst playing an instrument requires a tremendous amount of hand to eye coordination. While this may not seem academic, these base skills play a part in exercises like controlling chemical reactions in a science class.
  3. Learning about a new culture is a great way to expand your knowledge, and a music instrument provides the perfect starting off point; learning about its origins, its sounds, its previous uses, etc.
  4. Bands are a great way for your child to build their social skills which will help them greatly when it comes time to working in partners or groups for school projects.
  5. Performing on stage is the best way to get over stage fright. If you find that your child has a hard time presenting his work in class, learning an instrument may be just the thing to help.
  6. Believe it or not, teens get stressed. A great, and non electronic, way for your child to wind down or relax is by playing an instrument. This activity takes your child's mind away and allows them to refocus on study.

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These are just some of the great ways that playing an instrument can help your child further their academic path and is a great way to complement tutoring in Torrance. If you're interested in helping your child reach their potential, speak with The Tutoring Center in Torrance on 310 530 5377 about how our one-to-one tutoring programs can help your child reach their potential.


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