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In this time and age, everyone should know how to work with technology, including children. Fortunately, there are many options online to help them improve their technological skills while they learn academically as well.  This post is about only some of the many websites that can aid in your children's learning. They can be learning from the safety of your home and while they play.  Join The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA in this post about online learning sites. Remember they can also get their extra learning from the center's various tutoring programs.

Websites for Better Learners


This is a website for fun in the kitchen. Your children may not be practicing math or writing directly, but they will be learning. The ability to cook is a valuable one and Spatulatta is a big helper. They can learn from the basics of how to slice and onion, to a teriyaki chicken dish. You can add math using the measures and conversion too.


Children can learn about almost every academic subject in BrainPop. Different type of information is presented through videos. Afterward, there are quizzes children can answer and even play games about the lesson they just went over. It’s a really complete website that even adults can enjoy. Brainpop has even considered children (K-3) in their Brainpop Jr. website. is actually a website for English in general, but they have a really cool Writing section. There are so many educational and fun writing activities. Children can learn about newspapers and how to write their own news, they can participate in debate, write a letter or a story, and even learn how to write instructions.

Sweet Search

For those times when youngsters need to use a safe search engine, Sweet Search should be their chosen one. They can access over 35,000 websites verified and approved by researchers, librarians, and teachers. You can trust that the information they find here and tutoring will help them achieve their best work yet.


Rhymes is a great website for aspiring writers and poets. They will not find games or quizzes here. Instead, they can find words that rhyme. They can listen to the correct pronunciation and even hear the words in other languages. A great tool for improving their vocabulary and writing!

Science Bob

Science experiments are fun, period.  Science Bob has many fun experiments and the explanation behind them. You can try to build your own hovercraft with Bob's help and tips. There’s a science Q & A section and links to informative websites to help children in their research.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids has the answers to many questions children have about animals and nature. They can play games, watch videos and learn all sorts of fun facts. Children can start earning badges as soon as they sign up, simply by exploring the website.

Curious World

For younger children, Curious World was created to prepare them for kindergarten. They can learn math, reading, and even social skills. You can keep track of your children’ progress as well. Every game is designed for a specific lesson. All these websites can help your children learn in a fun way, without them even realizing they’re learning. If you want to increase their knowledge even more, tutoring can help them too. The Tutoring Center, Torrance CA has many tutoring programs your children can try. You can call them at (310) 530-5377 for more information about their programs, and the benefits tutoring can give them.

TIME for Kids

News made for children by children, TIME for Kids has many interesting articles about relevant subjects in society directed to a younger audience. They won’t be finding many games or interactive activities, but it truly is informative.

PBS Kids

Children can follow their favorite characters on more learning adventures. PBS Kids has games, videos, and sing-a- longs. There’s also a printable and a crafts section. A very colorful website that guarantees tons of fun.


A great website for little children. They can watch educational cartoons 24/7 that teach them basic concepts like colors and shapes. They can also play games or listen to songs. There is a monthly fee that changes depending on the platform you are using. Another great thing about BabyTV is that it’s available in various languages.

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